Rory you’re 8 months! | Baby’s 8 Month Update

This update is so so late and I am way behind on all forms of blog work! Our holday really threw me off schedule and I don’t blog while Rory is awake now as I want to give him my full attention when we are together – I am catching up (slowly but surely!)

Anyway, Rory turned 8 months old on the 1st July – my big chunker weighs in at 11kg and is in his 9-12 month clothes (9-12 months… 12 months? Bloody hell!) He is absolutely thriving.

He is stealing my heart more and more as each day passes, he is becoming such a bright little button with so much personality. He gets funnier and funnier the older he grows whilst still being a lovely cuddily afectionate boy. He is starting to feel more “toddler like” in the day, with all this curiosity and willing to play but come night time he goes back to being my little boy and just wanting to cuddle his mummy.

New Milestones:
He has kind of started crawling? I mean it’s pretty much just him humping the ground at the moment but it gets him about! We have all hard floors at the moment which really doesn’t help his cause (this is changing very soon) so he is at his best on a bed – which doesnt really help him as he only has limited space. It’s really hard to describe as its not a crawl, and not really a commando crawl either, it’s more of a worm like movement! But, it gets him about!

Rory had his first ever holiday (I do have some blog posts coming up about this!), he was generally pretty good! He had one day of being a little grumpy but the poor sod got a bad belly the whole time so we had a LOT of nappy changes! Anyway, I managed to read a book and a half, so he must have been pretty good! It’s hard to say when it comes to holidays as it is pretty much the same thing in a different location – the main challenge was that as we did have his creature comforts (the jumperoo) so you couldnt just pop him down and leave him for a second, it meant someone had to always be holding him unless he was sleeping so that was tiring if you are going to compare it to a pre-baby holiday – but generally Rory was really good!

He can say, Dada! It’s not in context but he can babble “dadadadadada” and will repeat it if you say it to him too! That’s really lovely and exciting.

New Personality Traits:
He has really found his voice, he is making lots of noises recently and varying the volume from a super quiet grown to a very loud squeal.

He gets angry. It’s really funny to watch this little stubborn personality come out when things don’t go his way. He starts to do this frustrated little grunt at you and he will flail his arms around or bang his highchair tray if he doesn’t want to be in there anymore.

He is super inquisitive. To be honest, he always has been, but he is now so desperate to learn and discover new things that you cannot leave him alone. He keeps throwing himself off things trying to get to something that he shouldn’t be having.

His Favourite Things:
He still LOVES Peppa Pig. I have tried to get him into Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom as its by the same creators but has a little more story line for my sake but he is definitely not into it. Peppa Pig is like hypnosis to him. He’s obsessed.

His current favourite toys are two little stacking cups that are part of a set, he is obsessed with banging things together at the moment and these seem to be a clear winner. I don’t know why he bangs things together, I am guessing it’s his way of learning about noises etc?

He loves everything he isn’t allowed. He is really into smart phones, remote controls and cables. I have caught him “crawl” over to cables and pull things off stands too many times. He is a liability at the moment. I used to be able to leave him on the sofa quite happily but he will now dive head first off it to get to things he shouldn’t, so now is the start of him not being allowed out of my sight until some major baby proofing has happened.

  • Deborah Nicholas

    Aww he is super cute and such a lucky boy to have had his first holiday! I love it when they are starting to get about by themselves, it gives them a whole new lease of life!

  • Gee Gardner

    Oh my god angry babies are the most hilarious little things. Lily will shout then literally throw herself arse first onto the floor and kick her legs about and scream. X

  • Amy Connolly

    Ah bless him, he sounds like he's doing great! Can't believe he's in 9-12. It won't be long till he's following you everywhere and saying mama!

  • The Breastest News

    Aww how sweet, I miss this stage. I just have a rampaging two year old now and she's hard work. Happy 8 months wee man x

  • Alice Spake

    He's growing up so quickly! Xx


    Aw happy 8 months little man!! I miss all this, I tell them to stop growing but i dont think they listen haha

  • Sophia Ford

    I can't believe how quickly those 8 months have flown by. I love reading your updates (and your YouTube video updates are my FAVE!) You are doing such a wonderful job mama xo