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Rory is Four Months Old! | Baby Four Month Update

March 6, 2017


Don’t ask me why, it must be mothers instinct, but I knew month four would be a goodun‘. Rory has come on leaps and bounds with his personality and development.

How is Rory?
Rory is super well, I haven’t had him weighed recently but I just know he is an absolute whopper! He has always weighed on the heavier side of the spectrum, but always healthy. He has been in 3-6 month clothes since the week before he turned three months but I am not sure how long he will be in them for as he already fills them out well.

He is going through Leap Number 4 according to the Wonder Weeks but you wouldn’t know it! Leap Number 3 he was a nightmare it was just constant tears – but this time around he has been as good as gold! This is the first leap where I have really seen his development, he has found his feet which always makes me really happy. The first time we went to baby groups all the babies were older than him and could all grab hold of their feet and I thought “when Rory does that he will be a really big boy” and here we are! 

He has also learnt to grab things, a few weeks ago he was staring at his dummy on the bed and then suddenly just reached out and grabbed it, since then he will just stare at objects for ages and then muster up the coordination to grab them! He loves it, his little face when he does it is a picture! 

He has become hugely desperate to sit up which is really scary as you can no longer leave him anywhere as he will project himself forwards, he van sit well if he has some support but still wobbly on his own. I love how determined he is! 

Oh, and I have FINALLY heard him giggle! The greatest sound on the earth.

So last month we tried once again to reintroduce lactose into his diet which, once again, went epically wrong! So, we are back onto the lactose-free formula. However, he seems to be suffering less with trapped wind and able to sort himself out quicker. When he is struggling with wind pains I either give him Dentinox Colic Drops or put some in his milk. 

Exciting news, we have started weaning! There are a number of reasons behind this and I know people have huge opinions over the right time to wean, this isn’t the place to air them. I have made my decision and nasty comments won’t change that – breathe. 

He has been obsessed with watching us eat for weeks so I thought he would be really excited to start weaning, however, he hasn’t taken to it quite as well as I thought. I think he has a problem with the spoon, the “spoonist” I always said I wanted to try traditional weaning and introduce finger foods as and when he can have them rather than BLW, but he may be a baby led boy! I am going to keep persevering though as the week I started, he got poorly, so I think it was quite a lot for him to take on board. So far though I have realised he is more into savoury flavours than sweet which is unusual and has been the most responsive to the Babease pouches as they are a nice mix of the two. 


Night time sleeping, generally, is still going really well apart from when he was poorly which is understandable. We are still all bedsharing/co-sleeping and I am still happy with that arrangement. 

Daytime sleeping has started to take a positive turn, however, it could still be a fluke. He has started sleeping on his own (win) AND in his cot!!! This has happened three times now for reasonable periods of time and I am keeping my fingers crossed it will stay that way. The combo of things currently working are his Sleepyhead, his Jellycat Comforter and White Noise (we use the MyHummy toy) 

I AM trying to establish a routine however, when he was poorly it went out of the window so once he has made a full recovery we will get back onto that. 

The Jumperoo: OMG THE JUMPEROO! This is the greatest invention ever! He loves it, it tires him out, I get to have a warm cup of tea and some toast in the morning! We now have a normal Jumperoo in the lounge where I normally stick him in front of Peppa Pig for a bit in the morning. We also have the Space Saver version in the kitchen so when I need to cook or clean he is quite happy in that. As its portable too I can take it to my mums whenever I stay there. The Space Saver is great, however, it’s not as bouncy so I would recommend the normal Jumperoo first. 

Activity Mats: Again we have two! I have the Bright Starts Lagoon Canopy which is great for when he isn’t that playful at just keeping his attention and also the Fisher Price Puppy & Play Activity Mat which is great for helping his sensory skills as it has loads of things for him to grab and shake. I keep these upstairs for when I need to get ready in the morning or need to do any housework/tidying. 

Nuby Parrot: When he is too tired for the Jumperoo but I am trying to eat my dinner, this is my ultimate distraction device. I hold it above him and he tries to grab it or will crinkle it. He adores this little parrot and I will often catch him just staring and smiling at it! 

The Sleepyhead: I am obviously hoping the new sleeping in his cot thing is not a fluke however, I do think this is a big help! I am surprised at how cosy they are in the flesh and Rory hasn’t seemed to notice when I put him down into it asleep that he is no longer being helped. 

The Jellycat Comforter: You could use ANY comforter, we just happen to have the Jellycat one, but this has helped give Rory some sleep time association. He now will not sleep unless he has it. It’s great as he has just got to that age where he gets overtired and doesn’t realise its a nap that he needs so by giving him his comforter, it helps him make that connect.

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