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Refresh Your Living Room in Just One Month

December 1, 2014

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A living room void of energy and happiness may as well not exist. So if yours has died a slow and painful death, it’s imperative that you learn to resurrect it ASAP. With the right plan of action, living room 2.0 will be alive and kicking in just a matter of weeks. More importantly, it’s a reward that the whole family can enjoy for years to come.


The prospect of a fresh and exciting lounge is sure to excite you, but you’re probably a little worried about the costs and effort involved. Don’t be. Here’s how to make the transition as quick and painless as possible.




It’s very easy to let your living room become cluttered, especially as the demands of the modern family evolve over the years. A good decluttering session won’t just claw back some space. It may also generate a little money for future investments.


Decluttering doesn’t simply involve getting rid of unwanted items, though. Moving the computer out of the lounge with a hallway office space can transform the room entirely. On a similar note, trading bulky units for shelving can work wonders.


Create the perception of increased space, and the entire room will start to show signs of new life.


Get Painting


If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and easy way to bring the lounge back to life, painting is the answer. The walls set the tone for your entire living room space, and a few fresh coats inject new life into the room.


You can use this opportunity to change the appearance with new colour schemes. One modern approach is to have one feature wall, which may even use wallpaper or murals instead. Alternatively, you can stick to the idea of painting all walls in one set shade.


Either way, you can complete this job in one weekend flat. What more could you ever want?


Buy New Furniture


Nothing ruins the vibe of a living room like uncomfortable and unsuitable furniture. Forget the desire for a curved television for a moment. The quality of your sofa and seating arrangements are far more crucial.


Use this designer chesterfield sofa sale, and you could have the new furniture in next to no time. This new focal feature can aid improve the aesthetic as well as your comfort. If this doesn’t enhance your relationship with the living room space, nothing will.


In truth, this is probably the most important decision of the entire living room upgrade. Get this right, and restored happiness is assured.


Have A Photo Shoot


The most common mistake made by modern homeowners is that they replicate the showroom. It’s great to gain some ideas, but the unique DNA of your family should be celebrated too. Accentuating the room with items that are specific to your household can make all the difference.


There’s never been a better time to book a budget family photo shoot. This is a chance to capture the memories of 2017 forever, and you could have them turned into canvas art or digital photos easily inside one month. The living room will feel more personal and more modern in no time.


Simple adjustments often bring the biggest impact. And when the charm of your living room is restored, the entire home takes on a happier atmosphere too.

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