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Quick Guide to Caring For an Older Home

January 3, 2021

You can look around on social media and it seems like everyone is living in a new build home. Tones of grey and silver fill your feed, and may be left wondering if you are the only person who doesn’t have an Insta-worthy home. There are many of us that are living in older homes, and perhaps they aren’t as picture perfect as a new build, but they are still a safe haven to be and to raise a family. The thing with older homes is that they do need a little more care and maintenance compared to a newer home, simply because of the wear and tear that will have been happening for years. So what can you do to look after and maintain an older home? Here are some of the things you should think about. 


Insulate the home

An older home will keep you warm and dry, but if you are looking to reduce how much you spend on your energy bills, then you should think about making sure that your older home is energy efficient. It will be more energy efficient, the more that it is insulated. Starting with the roof can be a good idea, insulating the roof and the attic ceiling, as it will stop heat from escaping as it rises. Cavity wall insulation is another aspect to look at, as it will fill your walls and add extra layers that are added to new builds, but often aren’t there in homes that are over fifty years old.

Check your roof

As briefly mentioned, your roof can play a key part in the insulation of your home. And although it tends to be a sturdy piece of the home, if it was built a while ago, the tiles could be coming loose, or they could be made from materials that need extra care. If you have an older home with a thatched roof, for example, then the thatched roof material will need to be maintained and cared for regularly, in order to keep your roof functioning well. If you have a roof with loose tiles or tiles made from shingle material, then they are likely to need replacing. If not, there can be leaks and water damage that occur as a result. So check your roof regularly on an older home, otherwise it could lead to some expensive bills.

General maintenance

Many efforts need to be put into an older home in order to make it a more energy efficient home. If your home falls into disrepair or any of the materials are left until they no longer work, then it is inevitable that there will be some energy loss. It can be a good idea to have something like a sealer paint handy to just use on your exterior when needed, as cracks and gaps in the building materials can quickly occur. Checking doors and windows regularly helps too, so that any problems can be dealt with as and when they come up.

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