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Pros & Cons of Online Shopping

December 1, 2014

With the madness of Black Friday over for another year and Christmas just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to talk about the pros and cons of online shopping in more detail. More and more of us are turning to this method of getting our favourite things and it seems like it is here to stay, but it is still an interesting topic to weigh up the pros and cons in more detail. So, that is exactly what we will be doing right here, right now!

Pro – Unbeatable Convenience

With more and more ways to access the internet now available, you can do a huge chunk of your shopping from wherever you are. As well as this, you are not restricted by opening hours which is unlike regular stores. Since we are all living busier lives than ever before, the whole shopping process has been simplified significantly. And all you have to do is wait at home for everything to arrive.

Con – You Can’t Inspect Things in Person

Though you can read as many reviews and look at as many images as you like, you don’t have the option of inspecting the items in person. If you are buying clothing, you can’t try the items on to make sure you get the correct sizing. Despite this, a lot of online stores offer an easy returns policy to make it straightforward to send things back when you want to.

Pro – Easy Price Comparisons

Rather than having to walk from store to store to get an idea of different prices, you can switch between websites with ease to get a full picture of the best deal available to you. Not only this, you can also search for discounts available using comparison websites and coupon centres like And you can even get offers sent directly to your inbox by signing up to the store’s mailing list as another way to save money.

Con – No Personal Interaction

Though a lot of online stores are making it easier than ever to contact them via social media or direct messaging, you still don’t have the same level of personal interaction that you get by going into a real life shop. As well as this, you get a sense of familiarity when you go into a shop on a regular basis that you don’t get online.

Pro – Infinite Choice

When you are buying things online, you effectively have unlimited choice of anything you want. But when you go into a physical store, you are limited by what you can fit inside four walls.

Con – Privacy and Security

Both privacy and security are legitimate concerns when you are shopping online, so it is important that you are able to spot online scams and hoaxes. Make sure that you take the proper steps to stay safe online.

We know that online shopping is here to stay, and as long as you know the pitfalls, it is a wonderful tool. For many however, it will never replace the personal experience you get in real-life shopping. Otherwise, a combination of the two is the ideal compromise.    


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