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Privacy Matters! Is Your Home Safe From Prying Eyes?

April 2, 2014

You’re laying on the sofa, feet up and in a relaxed state both mentally and physically. Look around the room, are you in a haven or on the show? Our homes are unique to us, and we want them to stay that way. There’s no shame in not wanting to share, and privacy is never going to be in a higher state than in your own home. You deserve to be left alone and feel free to do whatever it is you want without feeling like you’re being watched. Hey, if you so choose to walk around naked, then that’s your right. One thing we overlook when we think of home decor is privacy. This is actually easy to do so don’t whip your own back for your sins. It’s the look that usually matters right? So why on earth would you care about light escaping, thin curtains that with a backlight outline your silhouette and possibly even being exposed in the shower room? Well when you have a family to protect, suddenly aesthetics will be thrown out the window and practicality given center stage.

Thicker is a better

Main room curtains are going to be your first line of defence from prying eyes. It’s where the family gathers for meals, snacks and of course to watch TV in a huddle. Normally, the room door will be shut and thus your front door window not giving anyone standing outside a view in. But the curtains, they must absorb the light and stop it from penetrating all the way through. In this case, thicker is better. Not only will it save you money on heating as the heat will be forced back into the middle of the room, but from all different angles, no one can peer into your home. The two obvious choices you have are wool and cotton. Cotton is the cheaper alternative, but for true quality, you can’t go wrong with wool. As for the proportions, make sure you buy curtains that a deep-pocketed. What this means is that the filling will go right out to the edges, upwards, down and sideways. Even if not properly drawn the curtains will provide you with a thick layer to block light from escaping.

New rollers

The kitchen is a place any household can hold in high esteem. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the man of the house or the mother hen, taking ownership of this room as a spot to be creative and feed your children means something. Many would say it’s the real heart of the home, so of course, you’re going to want to take your time and bond with the kids while teaching them how to cook. Normally the kitchen at the very back of the home, thus you’re exposed to parallel homes and their rear too. Do you ever get the feeling of being watched when you’re standing at the sink washing some vegetables? Yeah, not great is it. Well with new roller blinds from Make My Blinds you can get the privacy you need and still remain stylish! Rollers are easy pull-down blinds that can come in all different colors. Blue, green, yellow, red are the typical choices but give an iffy amount of protection. However, the bolder shades like brown and grey do a much better job. But it depends how you want your the blinds to meld into the kitchen style.

Privacy definitely matters especially when you want to let your hair down in more ways than one in your own home. You’re constantly battling light as this is what gives you away, so think creatively but not more than practically.


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