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Preparing a Room for Your Baby

March 2, 2014

For many mothers-to-be, decorating and furnishing the nursery is an important step in preparing for motherhood and the arrival of your little one. Nesting, as it is known, is very common and often the urge to clean and organize comes in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

While not all mothers feel the need to nest (and you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t), you will probably want to make a few preparations for your baby’s room, even if you plan to co-sleep initially. Here are a few things you should bear in mind to create a safe and homely room for your baby.

The Right Environment

Keeping your baby at the right temperature is important so ensuring that the room is kept at a stable temperature within 16-20*c is best. At this temperature, it is unlikely that your baby will overheat or get too cold overnight, though of course, you should ensure that they have a well-fitted sleep bag.

Direct sunlight can cause rooms to heat up so it could be worth investing in replacement double glazed units to control the temperature a little better. Double glazing will also help to retain heat in colder weather. You should also use blinds, preferably without dangling ties, to provide shade.

Choosing the Right Furniture

When faced with all the options for furniture, you could be forgiven for getting completely overwhelmed and just going home instead. There is so much available that trying to make any decision about what is best can feel almost impossible, especially if you are working to a budget.

In reality, there are just a few things you really need to consider:

  • Safety
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Longevity

So for example, if you are buying a cot, you should look for one that is safe, within your budget, will last well and be easy to use. This translates to a cot with a side that is easy to drop with options for use as a toddler bed later down the line. The confusion often comes with all the added extras you can get such as a teething rail, or castors. You will know what you really need, so trust your instincts.

As a general rule, all the furniture you choose should be heavy enough not to move or be secured to the walls. This is most important when your baby starts crawling around and getting curious about their surroundings.

Homely Touches

Once you have the right environment and furniture, you can start thinking about adding some more homely touches. Choose bright colours to make your baby’s room more interesting and consider adding a mobile above the cot. Cuddly soft toys are great for playtime with your baby, but you are best advised to remove them from the cot before they go to sleep at night, especially while they are still very little.

Taking time to put your baby’s room together while you are still pregnant makes the prospect of a new child so much more real and it gives you a chance to process the fact that you are about to become a mother. If you feel the urge to nest, don’t resist it, go with your instincts.

*This is a collaborative post

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