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Preparing Your House For The Hordes Of Christmas Guests?

December 8, 2014

With Christmas, come guests. With guests, come expectations. With expectations, come standards which need to be upheld. This is of course referring to the state of your house. It is already December and your house might not be looking anywhere near as amazing as it did in let’s say February. It has indeed been a long year, and there’s no shame in admitting that your house might be in need of a small facelift. Or maybe even a big one, depending on how bad the state of things is. Of course, while a quick dusting and some pick-up-put-away method cleaning goes a long way, it cannot fix everything. Some damages to the house are a bit more than skin-deep, and require some actual work, meaning they also take a bit of time. So with Christmas well on its way, what better time to start working on some house renovation? That’s right, last week.

Quick paint job

Nothing freshens up an interior more than a fresh coat of paint. Partly because of the brand new, unscathed colours, but also due to the fact that painting usually involves some cleaning up. Dusting off all the walls, the ceiling, giving everything a wipe later on, the works. Depending on the room you are planning on repainting, you carefully think about the colours you want to go for. Considering all the guests will probably sit around in the living room, painting it with some warm or universal colours would work the best. If you want to go for the more neutral colours, then think of white or creamy tones. If you feel like your living room could use some more comfy-appeal, then you should go for some more earthy, warmer colours, like browns, or oranges. Of course, nothing is stopping you from combining the two and going for a two-tone coat of paint. A highly effective technique, which can bring out the best in a room. For example, cream walls all around, except the one which the sofa sits against. That one could go for a nice light brown, to really make that time spent loafing around on the sofa special. Why not have a look for some inspiration online?

Some new flooring

Might seem like a trivial detail in comparison to something like a new sofa, but the effect of a brand new floor is often underestimated. Of course, not everyone has money to lay down a beautiful Mahogany floor, but the next best thing is actually quite affordable.  What has skyrocketed in popularity recently, is kardean flooring, for its usefulness, practicality, and the aesthetic appeal. Since it is essentially vinyl tiles, it is very easy to clean, and put down, making it a popular choice amongst people looking to renew their floors without having to splash out too much. Being vinyl tiling, it can essentially be whatever you want it to look like, just depends on the print you decide to go for. Be it stone, wood or ceramic tiles; there’s probably a design to suit anyone’s needs.


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