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Pregnancy Hacks & Tips | Surviving Pregnancy

February 24, 2018

Ah pregnancy, it’s a long old slog, right? If it’s not one thing, its the next. Morning Sickness to Heartburn. Food Aversions to Cravings. Now it takes a lot for me to be jealous of an animal, in fact, it’s not a situation I’ve ever found myself in, but an Opposum having a pregnancy gestation of 12 days is something to envy! Luckily, between both of my pregnancies, I have managed to pick up some pregnancy tips and pregnancy hacks to make surviving pregnancy ever so slightly easier!

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Pregnancy Hack #1: Drink Apple Cider Vinegar for Reflux/Heartburn

I so wish I had discovered this for my first pregnancy because heartburn was killer! I am so glad I came across it on Pinterest this time around. I’ve always heard about Apple Cider Vinegar being some underrated super juice of the Greek Gods but have never picked any up, it is pretty magic for heartburn and reflux though!

If you can stomach it, it’s best to drink a “shot” neat. I can’t, so I dilute it with water whenever I feel symptoms flare up. It’s a pretty bizarre taste to get used to at first but you’ll soon find yourself craving it!

I also read that Apple Cider Vinegar helps your body absorb nutrients so if you’re taking a pregnancy supplement it’s also perfect to make the most of them! For this pregnancy hack, you’ll need to make sure your Apple Cider Vinegar contains “the mother” which you can pick up here.

Pregnancy Hack #2: Freeze Smoothies or Baby Puree as a healthy alternative to an Ice craving!

Ice ice baby! Both of my cravings I have been obsessed with Ice Lollies (I also had iron deficiencies for both of them so I can’t defy the old wives tale). I came across this hack when I first started weaning Rory.

When you first start weaning, your freeze puree in little ice cubes as they start off eating so little. When I started serving these up I thought “these would have been amazing when I was pregnant” so you can bet your bottom dollar I was straight onto that one when I fell pregnant again! Freezing fruit puree or yoghurt into little ice cubes is a great alternative for when that ice craving rears its head!

Pregnancy Hack #3: Tape up your belly (especially for your second pregnancy)

Another fine Pinterest discovery! I picked up some Kinesio tape from Amazon for just over £5 and it’s the best money I’ve spent! It makes your bump so light. It takes off so. much. pressure.

Seconds pregnancies are no joke on the tummy muscles and I have found this invaluable. Taping up the areas that are feeling heavy makes everything so much more manageable.

Pregnancy Hack #4: Use the “Hair Band Trick” for your Jeans

With my first, this clever pregnancy hack bought me my jeans up until 26 weeks which I think is quite an achievement. I also managed to squeeze into them up until 14 weeks with pregnancy number two. Using a simple hair band and these instructions you can cling to your wardrobe for a few extra weeks!

Pregnancy Hack #5: Snip up a Vest Top for a Bump Band

In later pregnancy, not even maternity jeans can save you! Your top rides up and the band of your jeans falls down and before you know it you’re walking around the supermarket with a little bit of your belly hanging out. I’d love to pretend that I’m not talking from experience but I think we all know that I definitely am. Snip off the sleeves of a vest and wear it around your belly and hips as a belly band.

Pregnancy Hack #6: Travel Bands for Sickness

These don’t work for everyone but they were magic for my nausea and thank god! Sickness and nausea is no joke in pregnancy, it completely taints everything.



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