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Pregnancy #1 vs Pregnancy #2

February 5, 2018

Pregnancy number two is a whole different ball game to the first. First time around you are a princess. People open doors for you, give up seats for you, fetch and carry for you. They want to know every detail, every twitch, every symptom. Everyone tells you that you’re glowing and how well you’re doing. Second time around, you’re old news. You’re hardcore now. People are totally over it. You know what you’re doing now, right?

WRONG! The thought of being a mum of two freaks me out in the same way that moving out from my mums did. I can’t suddenly hide behind the ‘new mum’ or ‘first-time mum’ titles. There is just something about it that sounds older. “Oh hi, I’m a mum of two”. Mums of two know things. I still call my mum when the fridge makes a funny noise. Here are some other ways I have found that they differ:

Ultrasound Photo’s

Pregnancy Number 1

I marvelled over my first babies ultrasound photo’s, almost holding my breath as other people touched them. I’d stare at them hoping to make out his Dad’s nose or my forehead. Scanning them onto my phone and proudly having them as my desktop background at work. I even had a keyring.

Pregnancy Number 2

I couldn’t even tell you where Baby Number 2s scan photos are. We didn’t even buy the photos from her 20-week scan (yes the sonographer did give us a slightly funny look for this). Most of the photo’s got crumpled at the hands of Rory when trying to take cute Pregnancy Announcement photos too!

Bump Pictures

Pregnancy Number 1

Most weeks I logged my latest bump update to Instagram along with a blurb on how I was feeling & symptoms. I spent ages trying to find the right angle to really do my “bump” justice. Always wanting it to look slightly bigger than it was. I also spent ages coaxing movements out of Baby Number 1 to catch them on film and send them to relatives.

Pregnancy Number 2

I have taken the grand total of three bump photos. If baby number two wants to know how I looked during her pregnancy I’ll just show her the photo’s from pregnancy number 1. Apart from having much shorter hair now, it all looks the same right?

Baby Clothes

Pregnancy Number 1

I would basically walk into most places with a black cheque. Prices weren’t checked. I’d pile up cutesy outfits, spend hours organising and re-organising them on cute little baby hangers in his very own wardrobe. I researched the best washing powder to wash them in and even ironed them. (I had ironed a grand total of 5 items beforehand – Ironing isn’t my strong point)

Pregnancy Number 2

At around 26 weeks it dawned on me that having two babies of different genders, born at opposite times of the year meant she couldn’t just wear her brothers hand me downs and that she would need some clothes of her own. One day I ventured into Mothercare and picked up some semi-nice sleepsuits. Checking the price and realising that £16 for 3 sleepsuits (which would get 4 weeks wear) was daylight robbery I put them down and walked straight back out again.

Buying the Car Seat

Pregnancy Number 1

I researched and researched the perfect car seat. Read every review Mothercare had to offer. Went and “tested” them all out. I bit the bullet and purchased the car seat of my dreams, the Cybex Aton Q. Not only one of the most beautiful car seats I have seen, but it had all of these additional safety features that I would surely need to keep my precious cargo safe?! (After spending £170 on a car seat I can confirm that you will never use the additional safety features and that the thing weighs a bloody tonne before the baby is even in it – it is still very pretty though!)

Pregnancy Number 2

I sold my first babies beautiful, yet overpriced car seat the week before I found out I was pregnant – yup it annoys me to this day! I also then decided to put car seats to the back of my mind until I was 36 weeks pregnant and I realised I was a ticking time bomb and needed to get my arse in gear (excuse the pun). This is honestly how the process went. Walked into Mothercare. Looked at a couple. “That ones alright, get that one.” Paid. Left Mothercare. Admittedly Rich put a little more effort into it, he at least felt the insides of them all to make sure we’d picked the comfiest.

Worries & Concerns

Pregnancy Number 1

What type of mother will I be? Will my baby like me? What are the local schools like? Yes, I know that it’s 5 years away but we need to plan to move if they’re crap! – Not a single day passed where I didn’t create a new problem to find the solution too. Did you know that I actually walked out of The Blair Witch Project and left Rich in the cinema to sit in the car? Yup, I was genuinely worried that I would either upset my baby inside the uterus (to be fair he was moving like a wild one) and would trigger premature labour. True story!

Pregnancy Number 2

My main concern is the most “adult” concern. ‘Where the hell are we going to put everyone for days out?’ We are a one car, Renault Megane, family. Between the kids, the whopper of a pushchair and all of the other paraphernalia that goes with two small humans we are going to have to look at PSD Vehicle Rental and set up a convoy anytime we want to go to the bloody animal sanctuary. Oh, I’ve also worried about sleep… will we ever sleep again?

Nursery Prep

Pregnancy Number 1

I had Pinterest boards coming out of my ears, all with different themes. Monochrome. Minimilist. Boyish. Eventually I settled on an Animal theme. I scoured the internet for a wallpaper I’d seen in passing, spent £40 per roll on it and begged my painter/decorator stepdad to drop what he was doing to come and create my statement wall as soon as possible. I had it paint matched for the other walls. Rich was on his hands and knees sanding and painting the floorboards in a beautiful (and incredibly impractical) whitewash. I ordered the perfect complimentary wall art and had visions of showing it to my cooing bundle of joy. It was perfect.

Pregnancy Number 2

Nursery prep? What nursery prep? The first baby still doesn’t sleep full nights in the bloody nursery so I can’t even think about getting the second baby in there! When the time comes, she’ll be given her brothers cot and he’ll be bought a toddler bed and they’ll share. To be fair, the previous efforts will still benefit her as the nursery is pretty special if I do say so myself! I think I have fully accepted that at some point I will end up with both babies in my bed and Rich may aswell take retreat in “the nursery” and turn it into some kind of man cave (Not to Rich: please don’t actually do this, it’s far too pretty!)

Birth Preparation

Pregnancy Number 1

Labour was the last thing on my mind for my first pregnancy. I didn’t properly pack my hospital bag until my waters had broken. Naively I thought I would sail through it and all would be fine. I had in my head that I’d leave the hospital 8 hours after Rory had been born, loaded with tea and toast and a plaster on my foof. Well, I ended up having a c-section and took it all very badly but we live and learn don’t we?

Pregnancy Number 2

Here is one place where pregnancy #2 completely trumps pregnancy #1 (hurrah!). My second labour has been a HUGE part of my pregnancy. As I am planning a VBAC birth I have been prepping lots of things to do everything in my power to make sure that goes as well as it can. I recently heard the advice “you wouldn’t run a marathon without any training so why should labour be any different” and that really resonated with me. I want to make sure I do as much ‘labour prep’ as possible so have been exercising and practising hypnobirthing.


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