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Podcasts that I’m Currently Obsessed With.

February 18, 2019

Podcasts are LIFE in this household. I listen to them all the fricking time. I’m obsessed with educating myself, I always have been and a big part of regaining my identity as a Mum has been finding formats that work for me in order to do that.

I’ve always loved audiobooks and have had an audible membership for years, but I like that podcasts are free and that you can mix them up a bit every day instead of taking a week to get through one book.

I’m always being asked for podcast recommendations so I thought, well that sounds like a blog post. So here.we.are. 

The Business One

Jenna Kutcher. She is my holy grail of business chat. I love her. I love her teaching method and she is one knowledgeable cookie. She runs the Goal Digger Podcast which is a free resource jam-packed with amazing business tips to manage social media, productivity and so much more. She is crazy bubbly and a joy to be taught by. My favourite episode is EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Finding Your Niche With Lauryn Evarts.

The Parenting One

This month I am loving The Motherkind Podcast by Zoe Blaskey – she chats to all kinds of amazing women and Mums from the industry including Anya Hayes, Clemmie Telford, Emma Cannon and so so so many more. Each podcast tackles issue that are part of our everyday #MUMLIFE including comparison, making new friends, anxiety, overwhelm – basically everything you can think of Zoe has tackled it. This month I’ve loved episode five Ditch the comparison with Lucy Sheridan

The Entertainment One 

I am obsessed with Luisa Zissman. I have a bad habit of really disliking people and then for some reason, they manage to wangle their way back in and I start to love them. I don’t know why. I’m fickle I guess! Anyway, I took a chronic dislike to Zissman after her big breastfeeding rant but then someone recommended the podcast where she ranted about Roxanne Pallet and Big Brother gate and I was hooked to Zissman just like that. She is hilarious and makes a great team with Anna Williamson. The Loose Lips Podcast is so funny. 

The Health One

Talking of being obsessed with people. Sarah Day is my absolute ultimate new girl crush. Holy Moly I am in love with her. I mean she started off on good footing as she’s Australian and I am the biggest wannabe Aussie going. Basically, anything she turned her hand too I would want to get involved! She has The Health Code podcast which, as you guessed it, is about health. Sarah and her boyfriend Kurt are HILARIOUS and will have you in stitches. She is so enthusiastic and optimistic that she gives you a great boost of motivation to make healthier choices. My favourite episode is Become Your Most Productive Self.

The Positivity One

I truly believe that to live a life in a positive mindset, you gotta do homework on a daily basis. Our brain’s default is to switch to a negative mindset (for so many reasons that we will go into at a later blog post) so our brain needs to be re-programmed on a daily basis. Surrounding yourself with affirmations and positive pep talks is a great hack on how to do so. Enter the 7 Good Minutes Daily Self Improvement Podcast. You guessed it, its a seven-minute long podcast that just fires you up. Listen to it while you drink your coffee, get dressed or do the school run – whatever works for you – but its an amazing motivational pep talk. My favourite episode is Problems Everyone has with Dreaming Big & how to Solve Them

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