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OXO Tot Feeding Range Review

November 20, 2017

Oxo Tot is a brand that I’d heard of but never bought anything from. All my mama friends rave about Oxo Tot, but I never saw what could be so good about baby feeding products? I was really intrigued when they offered to send me some products to try out. I can now happily say I am a convert!

The clean design is aesthetically pleasing, the quality is incredible and they’re just so trustworthy! I wish instead of stocking up on loads of cheap weaning products that we’d just invested in Oxo Tot.

If you have a friend who is expecting or you’re attending a baby shower soon I would really recommend this range as a present. I know whilst someone is still pregnant, weaning products can feel a long way off. However, chances are most mums-to-be have the newborn and the basic products covered, instead of buying duplicates it’s great to get something they’ll need in the future. I would have been really happy with these as a gift.

My Overall Thoughts on the Range

The range washes so well

I’ve had our Oxo Tot products for about 3 weeks and have run them through the dishwasher most days. I’m so impressed with how well these wash. Rory’s other crockery bits have tide marks and fading, which you’d expect from well-used plastic goods. OXO Tot has really stood up to the test!

The range feels so fancy

We all know how it feels to get something where the quality just feels better, don’t we? It’s absolutely the case for this range. I can’t believe I’m getting excited about baby cutlery but the quality is so lovely!

The Oxo Tot Roll Up Bib

The bib is on the slightly pricier side but let me just share a few satisfying “Mum things” as to why I think it’s totally worth it.

The bib cleans well in the dishwasher

I wash Rory’s plastic and silicone bibs in the dishwasher #MumHack. However, I always find where the plastic is lighter they just end up floating around and not really being cleaned, because the Oxo Tot bib is more robust it cleans up so nicely.

The bib fits over the tap

Right, now I know this may sound weird but hear me out here. Obviously, plastic and silicone don’t air dry that well so no matter how a bib has been cleaned, it needs to be hung to dry. My go-to place is over the kitchen tap, but the plastic then kind of hangs there messily and get it the way. Just look at how perfectly the OXO Tot bib hangs, is that not one of the most satisfying things you’ve ever seen?

The Bib is Compact

The bib rolls up beautifully to be stored away in Rory’s lunchbox, I also pop his cutlery in there for safe keeping. The bib keeps everything really neat and tidy.

The Oxo Tot Small & Large Bowl Set

They Bowls are Trustworthy

Once these bowls are snapped shut, they’re shut. I’ve had a few bowl explosions and have been peeling grapes out of the bottom of Rory’s lunchbox which isn’t my idea of fun. I love that these bowls can be trusted to stay shut and I wouldn’t think twice about storing yoghurt or puree in them.

The bowls store well

Because this bowl sets nests together, it provides really nice storage. All of our other bowls are kind of stacked weirdly and can’t be kept neat. They inevitably just get thrown into the draw and look cluttered. The clean design of these, along with stacking nicely is really aesthetically pleasing when packing away.

The Oxo Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon

The spoon is really soft.

When you first start weaning you want everything to be lovely and gentle for your baby, gentle on their gums and gentle on the face when you wipe food off babies face. As your babies teeth, feeding can be sensitive. I love that this spoon is so soft and gentle for their sore gums.

The case is really handy

The case makes life so convenient when you are on the go. I normally wrap a used spoon up in wet wipes once I am done with it but I really like that the case keeps the mess to a minimum. It also feels a lot more hygienic.

The Oxo Tot Baby Food Freezer Trays with Lids

The trays have an innovative design

I love products where the brand identifies problems and makes simple changes to overcome them. This tray has a lid which is fab for reducing freezer burn, what I like however is that it is slightly raised. Having a raised lid means that you don’t have to level off the puree before closing the lid. (Having unlevel puree means it will ‘smoosh’ to the lid and make it harder to get remove the lid) 

The trays store well

These trays are really nice to store in the freezer as they’re nice and thin and stack well. I’ve used others before that are squared and once you add two into a drawer, the whole drawer space is taken up.


*This is a sponsored post, as always all views are my own.

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