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Our White Floorboards: How we achieved them and looking after them.

August 7, 2016

Why white floorboards?
I have always loved white floorboards, I think anyone that has a Pinterest account can appreciate them, but always thought they would be really hard to achieve. Previously with the floorboards I have just stained them darker as I couldn’t be bothered to sand them down and it was cheap and effective. I always thought that white floorboards would involve them being sanded until the joy that is Kate showed me in a post how simple it is to achieve them! 
The application: 
The application is simple, but a little time consuming and labour intensive. We bought Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint as Kate had used, despite reading some mixed reviews I decided to trust her opinion. 
I found Ronseal paint quite pricey in line with other floor paints, but as it was such a big job I wanted to pay for a product that someone else had used and recommended. Ronseal instruct that you need to leave the paint to set for 72 hours after the final coat and because it was in the bedroom obviously we had no bed! So we stayed on the sofa for three days which wasn’t ideal but it was worth it. 
I pre-prepped the floors by lightly coating them in white spirit with a paint brush, just because I find it’s really good at cleaning up the dust that the hoover can’t get too and it dried quicker than washing the floorboards. We then worked together to applied the Ronseal paint. It took about 7 coats to achieve the colour we wanted, but we previously had quite dark stained floorboards. Our bedroom is pretty big, and we used one 2.5l tin. 
How have they lasted? 
It’s hard to say really, the floor is generally pretty tough, we have dragged beds across it slightly etc and it hasn’t scuffed, however in the ‘high traffic area’ you can see little marks from the dogs nails. The worst part is from Maggie going through a stage where she would jump to try and get on the bed however this doesn’t happen anymore. I am going to re-touch it up this weekend, but the picture is after about 6 months. I think generally its good and worth it, but it probably will be a high maintenance solution. I am considering getting a rug for this area but not 100% sure yet? 
Are they easy to look after? 

Depends. Having a black dog obviously you have to maintain the hair cleaning as it does show up quite a bit Winnie being a whippet she doesn’t shed that much anyway. It doesn’t really show up marks or stains any more than usual, its just keeping on top of de-fluffing.  

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