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Our perfect little elopement!

January 8, 2016

So last April Rich and I got engaged and quickly after we were in full wedding fan fair and turned into little Bride & Groomzillas. We went to Wedding Fayres, saw venues, paid deposits and sent save the dates. I even went dress shopping. We were sorted. We were getting married. However neither of us could shake this niggling feeling that things were getting bigger than us… we had chosen our venue that we loved, deciding to have a small intimate wedding but more and more people made it to our guest list as the venue would look silly with to few people. Soon, plus ones had plus ones and we were inviting people we barely saw or spoke to anymore.

We currently have a home under renovation and a million dreams between us and with a wedding approaching we put a few things on hold to save some money, however the last straw broke when in the same day we had two quotes, one for our fence to be re built (important for the dog) and one for the evening buffet (a hog roast) the fence came in at £650 and we were blown away at how expensive that was, the hog roast came in at £800 and we agreed straight away. It took us about a hour or so to come to our senses? We will neglect our home but spend £800 on a pig? A pig for people that we don’t really know anymore to eat?

We had a holiday booked to Marrakech in the August and I joked to Rich, hey lets just elope out there, “It’s not that simple” he said. But that got the ball rolling, what if we got married just before? We found a really sweet registry office that had a bar across the road where you could rent out the whole bottom floor. Could we do this we kept thinking? We decided it was the best thing for us. We decided we wanted to just invite best friends, parents, grandparents and out two guests of honour, Richards children. We would have a teeny intimate wedding and go to the bar over the road after for a nice meal. We had 8 weeks to pull it off…

The registry office was in Taunton, we paid a little more to have a nicer room, to be honest it was far to big for the 22 of us but it was worth it. It cost about £200. We had already put down a £150 deposit with our photographer Marc Le Galle and emailed him to see if he would be available and what he would the cost would be, he loved the idea and as he would only be there for a little while he asked for an additional £50. He went above and beyond what we expected arriving early to check the place out and was so lovely! Rich’s suit was from Next and my dress was from Jack Wills, we wanted to be simple. The flowers were the main expense in contrast to everything else, I took Richard’s daughter Imogen shopping for our bouquets which came to about £50.

Imogen & Ben, my soon to be step children! How cute are they? They loved being part of our big day!

Here we go… we all got ready and arrived together, unconventional I know but it made things so much more relaxed!

Told you the venue was a little too big…

Nervous groom & mummy… 

Here comes the bride, I still wanted some tradition…

We’re married, I am officially Georgina Clarke!

I am officially a step mum! 

Our venue looked absolutely beautiful, we hired out the basement of The Cosy Club and decorated it with handmade decorations. My mum was amazing at decoupaging our Mr & Mrs letters, and buying fairy light twigs. Our wedding favours were handmade floral crowns for the girls, cigars for the boys, Imogen made everyone bracelets with there names on them, polaroid printouts of everyones Facebook profile picture and mini versions of the Wedding Day Yankee Candle.

Here is our beautiful cake which was made by one of our guests, the topper is from Not on the High Street.

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