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Our home renovation experience.

June 13, 2016

One thing that I vowed I would document and really regret not doing is documenting our home renovation! I bought a Victorian Terrace in October 2013 that was on the same street as the first ever home I lived in. My parents are property developers so I was excited at the prospect of following in their footsteps with my little derelict find.

I offered £50 above the asking price in exchange that the house would be taken off the market that day, it was scheduled for an open house the following day and I didn’t want to lose it to someone who could offer more. I was really lucky that the previous owner had wanted the house to go to someone that would live there, not someone that would just gut it quickly and sell it on.

Excuse the awful photography, these are the pictures I took of the house on my second viewing: 

At this point I really was not phased by the work, I just trusted that with some support it wouldn’t be that bad. I loved this house. It has original features, big plus, it was spacious and affordable, big plus, and there was something really lovely about buying my first home on the street that I grew up in.

The house has to be completely gutted! The list of initial work included:

  • Remove all plaster and ceilings, get the house to bare brick. 
  • Replace all the windows, they had the original sash windows which I had wanted to keep but in the long rung I appreciate double glazing keeping the heat in! 
  • Damp proof and re-plaster.
  • All new plumbing and electric work  
  • Lose the wooden floorboards downstairs to woodworm (this was a real blow, I adored my original wooden floorboards, luckily the upstairs survived!) 
  • Concrete screen downstairs floors ready for new flooring. 
  • Lose chimney breast that was taking up a huge amount of kitchen and bedroom three space, this also meant reinforcing the chimney with steel.
  • Install a complete kitchen (original house just had a sink) 
  • Install a bathroom (original house had a bathroom, but I would have rather ate worms than use it!) 
  • Lose the utility room wall, this was falling down and I had originally wanted to re-build it but once I saw the additional space not having it added to the kitchen I decided it should stay down. 
Here are some pictures when the house was at its most stripped back! I literally wanted to give it a little cuddle and shout “it’s for the greater good!” 

To see this on a more visual set up I filmed a home renovations video a couple years ago which can be found here. A lot has changed since this video which I will do further blog posts on and maybe another video. 

I started getting the house to a basic livable standard and moved in April 2014, when I moved in there still wasn’t a bath or any type of flooring in the lounge. I met Rich a couple months after and he joined the journey and moved in that September.

Obviously since these early changes a lot has changed which I will document in other blog posts in the near future, I just wanted to lay the foundation of the early work that happened at our little home.

Have any of you renovated, or are still in the process of renovating a home? Let me know about your experiences in the comments section!

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