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Our £800 Secret Elopement Story

December 17, 2018

I really truly thought I’d be THAT Bride. You know, Bridezilla. I proper Princess bride but, wedding planning, that shit sent me crazier than 2007 Britney. Couldn’t hack it at all. 

The tipping point for me was hearing “its £45 per head”, I’m sorry what? There are very, very few people that I would take to dinner and foot the bill so why does that all go out the window when it comes to weddings? 

Every time, I thought of paying £45 for my Aunt Glenda who I haven’t seen in 12 years (Aunt Glenda is a fictional character purely made up for dramatisation of course) I would just think of all the home renovation work or holidays we were kissing goodbye too. We also had big plans for kids and that involved a £2.5k operation for Rich to have his vasectomy reversed so, that for me, was more important than feeding fictional Aunt Glenda for the day. Sorry, Glenda.

One day I feel like the universe gave me a window. I was listening to Runaway by Galantis and just thought, hey you know what would be fun? If we just literally ran away and got married in secret. 

We had a holiday booked for the Marrakech and my grand plan was to do it there but you know what? Fun fact, the Marrakech isn’t the same as Vegas and you can’t just rock up and get married… who knew! 

A girl on my Facebook once got dressed up and eloped in a registry office and didn’t tell a soul until she announced it on Facebook. It was beautiful. I always was in awe of that idea and suddenly I just thought “hey, we could do that too!” 

I was kind of joking when I presented the idea to Rich. I proposed we went the day before the holiday we’d already booked to the Marrakech and then we’d treat that as a honeymoon. Like I said I was kind of joking but he was totally into it.

So the next step was too book the registry office. They won’t be free at such short notice! It was only 6 weeks notice! But sure as hell… they were available! Still joking, I thought, lets book it. I can always cancel. 

Before I knew it I was telling my Mum and a select number of guests and this crazy idea was going to be a reality. 

We cancelled our original wedding venue, one that we had paid a £750 deposit for and despite asking very politely they didn’t want to compensate any of it back. Bastards. (Only joking I understand the principal of deposits!) 

We’d also booked a wedding photographer and had paid him £250 as a deposit, we were fully expecting to lose him too which pulled our heartstrings slightly as we were literally in love with him! We emailed him to let him know and he said that he’d still shoot the day for a further £50. Meant. To. Be. 

We picked up wedding suits from Suitsmen for Rich and his son Ben and my dress was from ASOS. I made all of the party bags which included flower crowns, a isn’t picture of each persons Facebook picture, a handmade bracelet that had heartstrings name on it and a small “wedding day” Yankee Candle.

We planned to get married in the Taunton registery office and then run over the road to the Cosy Club. They allowed us to rent their beautifully decorated basement and we paid for everyone to eat. 

My Mum made all of the decorations. She did a cracking job and a friend that we invited made our wedding cake. 

All in all the day cost around £800 which included haven’t meal, our outfits and the page boy and bridesmaid outfits, the photographer, the registery office, party bags, wedding favours and our wedding bands.

We managed to keep the day a secret and announced it on Facebook later in the evening. Secret Squirrals. 

Last year we went to my friends “big wedding”, she is a proper bride who went all out. She joked “I bet you wish you had a big wedding like this now don’t you?” and I can hand on heart say No. For us, it totally worked and was perfect. In fact, upon reflection, it was absolutely epic. 

When it comes to weddings, I firmly believe it should be true to you. Do your own thing. Invest your money how you want too. Do what works for you. Enjoy it. 

*This is a collaborative blog post

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