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Our 4D Scan Experience

October 5, 2016

In my 31st week of pregnancy I started to get really restless and impatient. It’s a long slog the last third trimester and with not much to break it up i.e no scans, it can be a little disheartening at times. I had decided I would really like a 4d scan for a number of reasons but had my doubts as to whether or not it would be worth it. I will talk about these slightly more in a second.

My reasons for wanting a scan: 
I get to see my baby: That in itself is always a good enough reason! 
You can bring additional family members: We brought Rich’s kids to the private gender scan we had which was amazing for them and we had considered bringing them to this one, but I really wanted this to be relaxing and quiet, I did, however decide that I wanted my mum there and it meant so much to her to be able to share the experience too. She hasn’t seen a baby scan since my brother 17 years, and everything has come a long way since then. It’s also her first grandchild and it’s really important to me that she is as involved as she can be in everything!
Peace of mind: Even though I wasn’t worried about anything at the time of the scan, having that additional reassurance certainly doesn’t hurt, checking in on your baby and making sure he still seems perfect is always an amazing feeling. 
Bonding with your baby: It took me a little while to really bond with baby – lots of milestones would get us closer such as, finding out the gender, picking a name etc. – but the bond wasn’t instant – for my 12 and 20 week scan I spent the whole time fretting and then being relieved that baby was okay that I didn’t take time out to awe over seeing my baby – I always felt really guilty when people would walk away and say how magical they were, as I didn’t get that, they just made me nervous beforehand and relieved afterwards. This scan was lovely as I knew bub was okay as I can feel him moving around, this scan was to be dedicated to us seeing our little bundle and taking time out to enjoy him later in pregnancy.
Memories: There are not many times in your life that you can say you get to see your baby in the womb, twice in fact if you have a normal routine pregnancy with NHS scans and even then they are grainy and un-detailed. There is something completely different about literally peering in on your baby and checking up on them. You get some gorgeous pictures and I am so excited to compare these to when he is here.

My doubts: 

Do you really get a good idea of how baby looks? 
I was really dubious at first as to whether I would be able to make out any distinctive characteristics to my baby – surely they all look the same? I was so shocked to actually see how developed he was with his own little characteristics and mannerisms, for example he likes to cover his face so I will be interested to see if he does that when he is here! He definitely has characteristics of his Dad and looks like Richards little boy Ben, however, he also looks a little like my brother so has a little bit of his mummies genes in there too! They were also able to tell us that he had some hair, not how much but still it’s a really sweet thing to know!
Is it worth the money?
100% yes – I would do this again in a heartbeat and any future babies will be having the same treatment. When you are in your final slog of pregnancy it can be really hard to stay motivated, obviously you have no choice but to carry on but it can be hard to keep a positive mental attitude. Having this scan really gave me a kick up the bum to start enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy and appreciate my baby and my body and exactly why we are doing this – to me that is priceless, especially when the last few weeks of pregnancy can feel like three billion years. 

Window to the Womb:
As a company Window to the Womb made this whole experience – the second we walked through the door everyone was really friendly, personal and chatty. Everyone had a good sense of humour and made you feel instantly comfortable. The atmosphere of the Window to the Womb is really relaxed and homely with lots of pictures of babies, information, books as well as a play area if you choose to bring little ones.

When we were called in for our scan we were brought in by our “scan buddy” who introduced us to the sonographer. At first I didn’t know why we had a scan buddy, but this soon became apparent and loved having her there. The scan buddy is there to make you feel super comfortable, bring some fun to the baby scan and work with you to get the best results. She would ask the sonographer questions like “shall we flip mummy to be over to see the other side of his face”, she would get me into different positions to see the baby with pregnancy wedges, or would get up and point things out on the big monitor for us as the sonographer has her own screen. She was really friendly and had a great sense of humour so made us all feel really calm and relaxed. She was also impartial so would say things like “I see Dads eyes” etc. It was a completely different experience to other private scans we have had and made the whole experience a complete joy that we can all reflect on. Rich and my mum are really hard to please so I was nervous about their post scan reactions, but they were equally blown away and pleased with the amazing service we had received.

Window to the Womb also provide a wellbeing report for your hospital notes which I’ve not had before.

We had the V.I.B package which stands for Very. Important. Baby (yes, yes he is thank you!) which included: 
  • Six Small Photos 
  • Two Large Photos 
  • 2 Key Rings (or Magnets) 
  • A USB of the scan footage
As well as this, if Window to the Womb don’t feel they’ve got good enough images, you get a free re-scan. 

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