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Organising Cleaning Time as a Busy Mummy

December 4, 2014

Time management skills aren’t easy to adopt. But when you’re a mom, organizing your time becomes truly impossible. It’s hard to balance between work and keeping your home clean, but when you have children, the problem becomes truly unbearable. The most commonly neglected thing in a busy mom’s everyday schedule is keeping the home clean. Undoubtedly, we all know what dirt and clutter cause – from allergic reactions to depression and even obesity, and that’s why no mother, however busy she is, should neglect cleaning.
You should know that organizing your time isn’t that hard as you think it is, all you need is a little extra planning and some motivation.
When it comes to cleaning, as you know, the first thing you need to learn is to plan your cleaning. But what does planning actually mean? Planning is creating a list of tasks to perform every time you clean. Thus, you won’t forget to do something and you won’t waste your time wondering what you should do next. Once you’ve adopted the system, you should regularly update your cleaning plans. The best solution is to create a new cleaning plan once every two weeks.
You need to experiment, mothers! You don’t want to spend all your free time cleaning, right? Try different cleaning techniques and detergents and keep track of the results. We guarantee that in no more than a year you’ll have created the perfect cleaning plan that gets your household going. This also would be a great help if you create a plan with end of tenancy cleaning tasks.
Contrary to common belief, busy moms say no. If you want to be a really good mother you’ll prefer to clean your home then take part in each and every school activity. Although undoubtedly important, group activities consume too much of busy moms’ time. The key is prioritization. Decide if it’s better to indulge in group activities or clean your bathroom, for example.
Next, teach your kids and husband to help you with the cleaning process. You’re not Wonder woman. And even if you were, cleaning shouldn’t be only your job. If you indulge your children in the cleaning process, you won’t only spend less time cleaning, but also teach your children the importance of keeping clean. Thus, you’ll ultimately spend less time on cleaning because your children will learn to declutter after themselves.
One of the most cliched phrases is next: Declutter constantly because it saves time. You might have heard it from your mother, grandma or read it somewhere and think it’s just a saying but, believe us, it’s not. Since the phrase is so popular, we were sceptical about that decided to conduct an experiment to prove whether it’s true or not. We told one mother to clean up whenever she saw something dirty and/or cluttered and we told another to clean only once a week. The results were mind-blowing: the mother who frequently decluttered her home ended up cleaning an overall of three hours for the whole week as opposed to the mom cleaning only once a week, who spent an overall six hours of cleaning. So, mums, start decluttering.
In the end, don’t be too hard on yourself. A speck of dust won’t harm your child after all. If you fail to conduct everything as planned, instead of feeling bad about it, decide what you can do to improve your efficiency next time. Remember that you’re a person, not a robot and you deserve a break, too.
I hope our time management advice will help you create a fun cleaning routine for the whole family.
*This is a collaborative post.

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