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One Year, Two Pregnancies: The impact on my body.

November 16, 2017

Two pregnancies in under a year. I think it was wishful thinking to believe I would come out of that one unscathed right? Generally, baby girl Clarke has given me an incredibly easy ride. Rory’s pregnancy was good, but baby girl has pretty much gone unnoticed. Something I am incredibly grateful for, having to also juggle a one-year-old.

However, I think my time may just be up.

When I found out I was pregnant so soon after Rory, it never really crossed my mind that my body may not be ready for it. I am starting to realise why doctors and midwives bleat to you so much about contraception when you’ve just given birth (seriously it’s like being 16 again, having sex ed!).

It’s shocked me how “old” my body suddenly felt. I’ll be walking along with Rory and it’s obvious that my tummy muscles haven’t healed from carrying my first baby and that they’re now being put to the test to carry my second.

During the start of my second trimester I felt like the baby was “sucking the life out of me” (a term I actually used on many an occasion). It felt like my body wasn’t getting enough nutrition for the two of us. I had to step it up a notch. When having my bloods tested at a midwife appointment my iron levels were poor. They’d never recovered from the blood loss from my caesarian and then obviously pregnancy zaps them too!

It’s time to slow down.

Up till now, 25 weeks pregnant, baby Clarke #2 has been a good girl, she’s cut me some slack. Though I am forever conscious that I need to act like a pregnant woman and take things slow. I think all pregnant women try and carry on as normal, but at certain points our bodies give is an awakening to slow down. I am just having those points a little earlier and a little more full on. My Braxton hicks have actually worried me that I’m going into early labour as they’re so similar to contractions! They’re a signal that I can’t clean the house top to bottom or carry Rory around as much.

I really want to push on but I have to accept it’s time to slow down. I’m currently trying so hard to eat well and take multi-vitamins so I can keep up. I’m also on the hunt for a belly bandit but as they’re £70, I’m hunting down voucher codes for Mothercare (lets be honest, they’re worth their weight in gold with two babies!)

Overall, I’m definitely in awe of my body once again. Carrying Rory had me in awe that our bodies do this whole process and now carrying baby girl makes me realise just how much we can take on. I am so proud of myself for being able to get up and get on as normal, being the best mummy to Rory, working, running a home and growing this baby all at the same time. I truly do feel like “mama, you got this!”


*This is a collaborative post.

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