Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer Review

January 20, 2017

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Sterilisers… big bulky things that make a mess of your worktop and scold your hands, right? Not any more my friends, not any more…

In my household sterilising is an event, it’s something I like to have OCD control over, sanitising my hands and dettol-ing down the sides (even though if he drops his dummy I simply lick it and put it back in his mouth) I like having the control and feeling I am doing the best for my boy and I think that stems from our ongoing battle of trying to soothe his colicky traits and temporary lactose intolerance. I like to rule out any other factors that can upset his stomach.

One thing that I don’t love is the mess sterilisers make – no matter how quick I’ve been too dry my wooden worktops, they’ve received water damage from the mess of the steriliser and the bottles dripping all over the sides. I also didn’t realise how the bottles will take your skin off for a while after being sterilised due to being so bloody hot!

When I was asked to review the Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer I was really impressed – I consider myself a steriliser connoisseur as I’m often looking at them on the Mothercare website (yes motherhood has dominated my brain slightly completely) and this is something I had never seen before. This was impressive.

A few days later along came the steriliser of dreams with its fancy design that really isn’t an eyesore like other sterilisers. I like that the majority of it isn’t see through as I find this can make things look more cluttered.

The first thing that really impressed me was how roomy it was, Rory has Dr Browns bottles and anyone that has come across these bottles will know they have about 1,000,000,000 different parts (okay its 6 parts but you get my drift) so fitting 5 bottles, all the parts AND dummies has been impossible in the past!

So anyway – off we went with our first cycle – there are 3 options, 1. Just a normal sterilising cycle, 2. Sterilise and quick dry so the bottles are mainly dry but have a little moisture and 3. Sterilise and full dry. I went full dry and I’ve never gone back my friends.

Full dry means no more guess work trying to see how much water I am putting in (cheers Dr Browns for not printing the numbers, the steam makes it impossible to see the transparent markings), no more scolded fingers and more wet surfaces. Also for pump mothers it means no more watered down breast milk.

For your chance to WIN one of these sterilisers you can either LIKE my Facebook page and COMMENT on this post or FOLLOW me on Twitter and RT this Tweet to be entered into a giveaway!

I was gifted this item for an honest review, but as always I only share and review products that I or Rory genuinely love.

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