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Newborn Essentials & Must Haves

September 3, 2018

Newborns! For such small little beings, they sure do need some equipment! I found it so confusing when I was first pregnant with Rory to understand what was just hype, and what was actually a newborn essential! So after two newborns in the space of two years I feel like I have a good handle of what you do and don’t need, so here is my ulitmate list of newborn essentials!

White Noise

Ever heard of The Fourth Trimester? Well its basically a time where your newborn comes out into the world and goes “don’t like it, don’t like it!!”. They’re used to white noise, darkness and being snug as a bug in a… womb? So anything you can do to emulate that in the outside world, they’re going to thank you for! White Noise is a gamechanger for sleep BUT for us its best for settling a baby when they’re inconsolable. Babies got colic? White Noise. Thank me later!

Our favourite is MyHummy. We also like Ewan & Whisbear too!

Baby Sling

You need this. You 100% need this. If there was one product that I genuinely couldn’t do without, its the baby sling. I use it every single day without fail and Elin is 5 months old! Bear in mind that I bought this when I first had Rory too and used it for about the same time so this has paid for itself multiple times. Seriously though, I would hand over a blank cheque and pay whatever I needed to for these things. They’re lifesavers. You see. Those little tiny babies. They may look all cute and innocent but they’re actually little tree monkeys that cling on to you for dear life and never want to be put down. This is cute for all of about ten minutes when you remember that you want to load the dishwasher and the baby will not allow it. In comes the baby sling. You need one. You can thank me later!

You can pick baby slings up on Amazon, super cheap!


I really want to hate this product. I so badly want it to be a dud. But I can’t. It really is as good as everyone says. It’s the perfect little cocoon for your sleepy baby. I know they’re expensive but I would say, just get one of these. Don’t bother with Moses baskets etc. Just a Sleepyhead. They’re amazing for allowing your little bundle to sleep anywhere and so easily portable. They also really do make a difference in their sleep. I know. I’m sorry, I wanted it to be rubbish too!

Dr Browns Bottles

I SO wish we had just bought these from day dot. Rich suggested them but as they have a couple of extra parts to them I just saw extra washing up and said NO. When we first had Rory, we tried a few different brands of bottles and eventually came to Dr Browns so we spent a small fortune! These. Are. Amazing. They are the only anti-colic bottles that eliminate wind altogether and newborns are WINDY! They’re also so small and wriggly so they’re hard to wind. These will change your life. Promise.

Perfect Prep Machine

SO. We bought one of these new when I was pregnant with Rory and then he had colic/allergies and we went through a whole cycle of changing his bottles and formula etc and then someone mentioned that the perfect prep may be causing some of his gripey issues too. So I sold our perfect prep machine as I was so put off the idea of it with all of the negative press. Our solution to making bottles was to pre-make them the night before and then microwave them. The process of washing bottles, sterilising bottles, making bottles, storing bottles took almost an hour of our evenings up (Rory needed a lot of bottles!), THEN someone told me that microwaving killed all of the nutrients in his milk so I was then terrified of the microwave (can you see some new mum anxiety here?!) so I bought a new perfect prep machine and bloody loved it! If I were to stop breastfeeding Elin (seeing as she hasn’t a clue what to do with a bottle I don’t see that happening anytime soon!) I would buy two perfect prep machines! One for upstairs and one for downstairs!


I was THAT Mum that was like “Oh I don’t know if I want my kids to have dummies, we’ll see”. So we had a set come with a pack of bottles we bought and I was in the “we’ll see how it goes” camp. Within 24 hours of Rory being born I was texting Rich asking him to bring them to the hospital! Rory wanted to constantly suckle on his bottle so some of the midwives recommended he try a dummy and it helped so much. Elin its been a gamechanger. Girl had colic and colic isn’t fun. The dummy helped comfort her through that so much. For both of them, its massively helped settle them to sleep!

Dummy Clips

If you have dummies then you NEED dummy clips! These are one of my all time, ride or die products. Dummies, babies and gravity don’t mix! They get dropped a lot and you only have so many hours in your day. Cleaning dummies every 10 seconds shouldn’t be on your agenda! They’re also amazing for when you’re in the car because obviously, you can’t fish around for dummies while driving so having a dummy clip makes them super easy to find!

Muslin Blankets

Okay, so when I first had Rory I really didn’t see the point of muslin blankets, but as he got older he soon started to use them as a comforter and they became an everyday essential! Then I had Elin aka Miss Pukes-a-Lot! So now I totally get it!

Breastfeeding Pillow

For the first few weeks of breastfeeding, these are so helpful. They help you to position your baby so that you that you can perfect your latch. After a few weeks you’ll find you don’t need it anymore but then breastfeeding pillows become amazing essentials for your babies development. Now Elin is six months old, I use it every day to help her with sitting and I LOVE it!

Lansinoh Lanolin

This is THE SHIT. It’s THE ONE. Don’t buy any other Lanolin. JUST BUY LANSINOH. This was one of my last baby purchases because I thought the price tag was outrageous! (It’s actually only £10 but compared to other nipple creams, that’s quite pricey!) but its seriously the best one. It has the easiest to apply consistency (comes out the tube easy) and its the one that works the best. Also, you can feed your baby straight away after applying it.

Reusable Breast Pads

SO. I didn’t even know reusable breast pads were a thing originally but I LOVE them. The one thing that really annoys me about disposable breast pads is so trivial, but its the packaging. To open a set of breast pads you are having to contend with five annoying, sticky bits of packaging that you have to rally up and put in the bin. (I told you it was trivial) I bought my reusable ones when Elin was about three months old and it didn’t take long for them to pay for themselves! They’re so comfortable and also healthy for your pocket AND the environment.

Water Wipes

Water Wipes. There is something about Water Wipes that just make you feel like you’re doing something good ha! When Elin was born, Rich went to change her nappy for the first time and asked the midwife for cotton wool. I knew this was just a token gesture as if she wasn’t there, he wouldn’t use cotton wool but I guess he just felt he should as that’s what you’re supposed to do. I said to him “just use wipes” and he kind of looked at the midwife for approval (bless him!) and she just laughed and said, “its your baby!”. Anyway, he went to my bag and realised we had Water Wipes and kind of waved them about like “oooh we got fancy wipes”

Bath Thermometer

Twenty-two months in and we still use this every single bathtime. When you’re a first-time parent, you have no clue how warm the babies baths need to be and its actually surprisingly a lot warmer than you’d think. Fun fact for you too, babies don’t actually like baths being colder than whats recommended! We bought a bath thermometer for super cheap in Tesco but I can’t find a link for it, your local store should have them though!

Car Seat to Pram Adaptors

I so wish I’d bought the Doona car seat as that is genius. Getting car seat adaptors for your pram are a lifesaver. For making sure you don’t disturb your sleeping baby. I so wish we had them now though as they’d be a lifesaver instead of me trying to juggle Elin in the car seat and a very speedy Rory who is more than capable of running away!


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