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Newborn Baby Essentials & Must Haves

September 4, 2017

When it comes to buying newborn baby essentials the first time round I am quite conflicted with my advice. As a mum who’s gone through it once, I know that newborns are very basic little characters that don’t actually need much. I have compiled my list below from experience and these are the products that I genuinely feel most mums will benefit from, however, the naivety of first time pregnancy and buying baby products is all part of the fun SO, if you financially have the support and want to buy all of the baby products, like I said, you absolutely should! You will only get this time once, use it wisely and enjoy it. If you are a very realistic person, are on a budget, or like to spend your money very wisely then this list is what I think will genuinely make your life easier with a new baby.

Baby Wrap: This is my absolute must have baby product for any new parent! I got a huge shock when Rory was three weeks old and decided he absolutely, categorically did not want to be put anywhere that wasn’t in my arms and I found it really really draining. I wanted to have the ability to still move around and get on with my daily life so a baby wrap was the best investment ever. Rory loved being close to me and all ‘cutched’ up and warm. I have the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me purely because it was the only one I’d heard about but truth be told you can pick up much more affordable ones that look slightly nicer, however, I have only tried the Wuti. I hadn’t ever heard about having a wrap or baby wearing until I actually had Rory but it’s honestly sanity saving and I would recommend to any mum to be. Click Here to Buy.
Dr Browns Bottles: If you’re planning on bottle feeding or even combination feeding I would highly recommend getting Dr Browns bottles from the start! They are anti-colic bottles but even if your baby doesn’t have colic, newborns can be really hard to wind and these bottles help to eliminate the majority of the wind. Click Here to Buy.
Coconut Oil: You can use any form of oil but I had Coconut Oil for my stretch marks when pregnant. Newborns skin gets super dry really quickly and I really recommend keeping it product free apart from natural oils. Coconut Oil is also amazing for cradle cap, I just slather it on at night time and then brush it out with a baby hair brush the next day. Click Here to Buy.
Water Wipes. I have never used cotton wool when changing Rory’s nappy, not even in the hospital. Up until I started weaning Rory I have used Water Wipes and absolutely love them. They are perfect for keeping your newborns super delicate skin chemical free. Click Here to Buy.
Muslins Cloths: I didn’t find these as essential as everyone made out at the start, but Rory hasn’t ever been much of a sickly baby. They do however find their way into your lives! Whether it’s to be used as a sunshade, changing mat, comforter… you name it… they’ll wangle their way in. Rory uses them as a comforter so I always have one to hand. I personally believe in quality over quantity and LOVE the Aden & Anais ones as they’re just so soft but that’s completely personal preference and you should do what works for you.
White Noise: When you’re pregnant it feels like every man and his dog will tell you to make noise around your baby but that is much easier said than done. Firstly when someone is asleep your instincts are to be quiet around them, but secondly, when you’re home alone there is only so much noise you can make! I found white noise a really good solution and babies love it because it’s womb simulating. I would recommend trying it out on an app on your phone to start with and if it works it’s worth investing in a white noise toy. We have the MyHummy and the Whisbear, both are really good but I prefer the MyHummy as it doesn’t stop after 20 minutes and has different “white noises” to choose from. Click Here to Buy.
Dummies: Controversial one but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! I wasn’t 100% sure as to whether I wanted Rory to have a dummy but I am glad I had a pack ready just in case. Sit on the fence with them by all means but I wouldn’t completely rule them out.
Bath Thermometer: This is another great ‘peace of mind’ product. Gauging the right bath temperature for a baby is hard work, not only through fear of it being too hot but they actually hate it when the bath is too cold too. I know there is talk of popping your elbow in or something but I found our bath thermometer for about £5 in Tesco and I still use it now for Rory! I can’t find the link for it online but I have seen it in the shops recently.
Happiest Baby on the Block: This is a really insightful documentary which makes a lot of sense about helping to settle and soothe your baby. Whether you believe in the fourth trimester or not, it’s not secret that babies like to be cosy and love things that remind them of the womb. This documentary goes through different methods of helping them to feel comfortable and it’s definitely worth a watch. You can rent it on Amazon here for £2.49.
Lots of Sleepsuits: So many people will tell you not to go overboard on baby clothes but I am here to throw a spanner in the works and tell you quite the opposite. For our 0-3 month wardrobe, I reckon we have about 30 sleepsuits – and thank god! The last thing you want to be doing while you adjust to your new life is thinking about the washing.Babies get through so many sleepsuits in those early days so do yourself a favour and have them in abundance!
The Sleepyhead: Right, here is a difficult one for me to recommend for a newborn as I didn’t get ours until Rory was about 6 months (from which time I have found it fantastic) HOWEVER, I did spend a lot of my pregnant time umming and arrring over it to which I wish I had just bought it from the start, I ended up buying Rory a Moses Basket, Bouncer and a Swing all which came to the tune of over £300. I wish instead of all of that I had invested in the Sleepyhead from the get go which is what I will do for the new baby.
Gripe Water: This could debatably not be a ‘newborn essential’ dependent on when you decide that your baby is no longer classed as a newborn as they can only have it from a month old. I love Gripe Water, it’s the best one for relieving wind once it has become trapped. Rory never had your stereotypical colic, but he was colicky and would really struggle with wind and always be generally unsettled and very whiney (so he wouldn’t cry every evening, but he wasn’t a particularly happy or settled baby for a long long time) one day I was almost at the end of my tether trying to get some wind out of him when I realised he was one month old THAT DAY. I popped him in the carrycot, put about 50 blankets over him as I couldn’t be bothered to put him in the snowsuit and it was the middle of December and I marched over the road to Tesco like a crazy lady with a crying baby to buy some. It’s a really really good product that’s affordable. I definitely recommend having some in your medicine cupboard ‘just in case’ as it’s also great for when your babies get hiccups as it gets rid of them straight away and hiccups can be quite uncomfortable for small babies.

*Disclaimer. This blog post contains affiliate links, I have also been gifted the MyHummy, Whisbear & Sleepyhead but not in exchange for this review. I am genuinely mentioning them as they’re fantastic products. All other products recommended have been bought with my own money.

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