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Nailing That Big Home Move After The Baby Arrives

December 13, 2014

There are many rites of passage which you go through as a parent. One of them which can often cause particular amounts of stress is that of moving home after the baby has arrived in the family. If you are in the need of a bigger home and you are keen to upsize, then moving home is likely to be on your agenda pretty soon. But it’s often something which can cause a lot of stress, particularly when you are also going through the stress of having just had a baby. In this post, we are going to see how you can try and reduce that stress, and make the home home simpler in the meantime.

The Timing

The timing of your home is everything. If you get this right, you can dramatically lower the amount of stress that is likely to be caused, and also make the whole move much faster and swifter as well. Of course, the ideal is to move home before the baby is born, but then you have the difficulty of having to move while you are heavily pregnant. It is also still much more common for families to move home after the baby is born, but you can still work to improve the timing of the move here too. The main thing is that you try and ensure that you are not having to rush too much, in respect to work and school and other concerns your family might have. With the right timing, stress is greatly reduced, and you are much more likely to be able to flow with the process.

Don’t Go It Alone

It is rare that you will want to make the whole move on your own, especially when there is plenty of help to be had in this area. It is often a good time to call in any favors that you might have with your friends and family, and you might be surprised who suddenly appears to give you a helping hand. But you should also consider getting some professional removalists in to help you. Having a consistent helpful hand on board can ensure that the move is much faster and more efficient, and will definitely remove much of the stress for you as well. This is exactly what you want just after you have had a baby, so make sure you get on it as soon as you can and get it booked.

Prioritize The Baby

Above all, even during the stress of moving, you need to make sure that you are prioritizing the baby as well. You will almost certainly be attached at the hip during this time anyway, but it is worth either ensuring you have plenty of time to spend with the baby even while it is all going on, or that you find someone to babysit for you during the move. The latter can be a useful way to ensure that both the move and the baby are properly attended to, but it’s not for every mother. See how you feel, and follow your gut instinct at the time.

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