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My Two Cents on Body Shaming Women after Baby

August 9, 2017

“My body isn’t designed to look good, that isn’t it’s purpose, it’s designed to make tiny human beings. That’s it’s purpose and if its a little stretched and marked after that, then so be it. I am so proud that it made my baby boy healthy and delivered him safely.”

Body shaming has never really bothered me, I mean admittedly it’s disgusting but it’s never something I’ve acknowledged always knowing it was just pathetic and that no one should listen. If like me, you spend an excessive amount of time on social media (it is technically part of my job!) then you will have recently seen Stacey Soloman defending her body against a The Sun who’d body shamed her. To put it bluntly, I was livid.

To give it some background, she was pictured in a bikini with headlines commenting on her “saggy boobs” whilst comparing her to 18-year-old Louisa Johnson. Stacey’s point is that she breastfed two babies and that she is incredibly proud of them, as she should be, but why is this even being printed?! You simply cannot compare the two bodies regardless of what she has been through.

The pressure to ping back is disgusting. It really is that simple. Once you have popped your baby out, people are waiting to see what your body does, waiting to judge and add so much pressure. But can you really ping back?! Your body just went through quite a process. It grew, nurtured and carried a human being and then delivered it. It did its job and it did it well. It did exactly what it is designed to do.

Boobs. Such a hot topic right? They’re not designed to look good. They’re designed to feed your children. That is what they were put on your body for. No other purpose. We don’t go up to cows and start dictating how saggy their udders are, do we? Anyway, I am digressing. Stacey Soloman’s boobs are saggy? They are designed to feed children. She breastfed both her babies. They did their job and they did it well and how dare she be shamed for not having boobs that replicate not only an 18-year-old girl but a completely different person. It is disgusting

I often get told how “lucky” I am to of shed my baby weight so quickly, but the truth of the matter is that luck just doesn’t come into it (and no it wasn’t hard work and that old spiel), the reason I shed my baby weight is through an unhealthy lifestyle of forgetting to eat and having to push my baby round in the pram for hours in the hope that he may actually sleep!

Regardless of how lucky I am to of lost the baby weight, to compare my post baby body to the 18-year-old version of my self, hell even the pre baby version of myself, just wouldn’t be fair! I’ve lost the baby weight and when dressed up, I’ve hit the jackpot right? But strip it down, my body isn’t the same and couldn’t possibly be compared to a “younger model”

My belly is soft, it droops when I lean forward but it grew and carried a whole human being safely. My boobs are non-existent and my bum looks like a let off air bag. My body isn’t designed to look good, that isn’t its purpose, it’s designed to make tiny human beings. That’s its purpose and if its a little stretched and marked after that, then so be it. I am so proud that it made my baby boy healthy and delivered him safely.
As we grow and mature, our bodies change. As we make babies and raise children, our bodies change. That’s life and we need to embrace it and be proud of our bodies for doing their jobs. How can we do that with sad little people, sat around in offices pointing out our cellulite?

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