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My tips to have #OneLessWorry this Christmas!

November 19, 2017

Christmas is sure as hell one of my favourite times of the year but let’s all face it, it can be stressful. Last year I’d just had Rory so found it really overwhelming. So here are the things I’ll be doing to make sure there is #OneLessWorry this Christmas time.

Opt for practical presents.

I always end up panic buying presents that are nice, but not needed, this year I’ve started making lists of really practical presents. I’m making stockings filled with my families favourite sweets and presents I know they will. Practical presents such as make-up remover, alcohol, notepads etc. That way I don’t feel like I have wasted money on rubbish. There will obviously be something Rory has made and your token joke present but nothing too much!

Utilise the Deals.

Places like Argos & Tesco have 3 for 2 on toys which is so helpful when it comes to saving money! They’re definitely worth checking out to collect a few bits!

Buy Pre-Made Hampers.

Who doesn’t bloody love a hamper? There is something ‘so fancy’ about them and they give you all of the Christmas feels. If you shop at places like John Lewis, you can find them already perfectly made up for your recipient AND they don’t need wrapping!

Pick up bits as you go along.

This has been invaluable for me this year and it’s meant I’ve felt ‘the pinch’ less. I’m quite lucky that we’re buying lots of small  items this year so they have been easy to collect on the way

Embrace Christmas Traditions.

Righto, now to make myself sound 62 but stick with me on this one. When you look back at ‘presents of Christmas past’ (yup, terrible Christmas Carol reference there) what gifts do you really remember? Sure there are some but the majority are forgotten by New Years right? When you look back at Christmas memories though, I am sure a few more spring to mind. The thing I look forward to the most each year is buying our Christmas Tree, it’s a real event for us. As we add more children into the mix, Christmas is getting costly! This year we really want to embrace Christmas Traditions, creating and passing on those memories.

Start early, but not too early.

Make sure you plan your bigger purchases, but unless they have an extended returns policy you may want to buy them as close to ‘C-Day’ as possible just in case the recipient needs to return it, you can always call John Lewis

*in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK

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