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My thought on THAT Mumsnet forum thread…

February 3, 2017

I’m going off schedule tonight to discuss the “to not understand mum blogging” thread on the Mumsnet forum as I know it made some bloggers question themselves and our purpose. I wanted to address some of the points I read from it:

They have nothing better to do:

This forum discussed how they feel that mum bloggers ‘have nothing better to do with their time’ – this couldn’t be further from the truth. I barely have any free time but prioritise blogging like someone would do with golf or the gym – it’s my hobby! It’s certainly not my outlet for being bored – being a mum on maternity leave there is always something to do!

They sell their soul (and their children’s soul) for free products:

THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE! Let’s get one thing clear – NOTHING is free when it comes to blogging! I have built a blog and a loyal readership through countless hours of networking and improving my content, because of that brands reach out to me asking me to SUPPORT them! To review a product we are talking hours of testing the product, writing about it, taking photos, promoting the post, replying to comments. If I had an hourly rate it certainly wouldn’t be ‘free work’ – also regarding selling my soul? Not at all – I work with brands that I would choose to buy from such as Nuby, Water Wipes, Dr Browns to name a few – people whose products we have anyway. I’m selling my son’s soul? By working for him having nice things? Any money I earn through blogging (when he sleeps) I spend on him!

Only bloggers read blogs and then they all applaud each other:

I saw a few bloggers get upset about this and question their purpose, but so what if bloggers just read blogs (which isn’t true) – the blogging community is HUUUUGE and its just that, a community, I have learnt some of my most valuable tips from blogs and also sometimes it’s just nice to see that your not the only mum having a bad day – blogs are more honest about the impact children have on your life, relationship, body and home than Nancy from baby group (Nancy is made up by the way!)

It’s all advertorial:

Yes, some blogs are 100% sponsored review after sponsored review but don’t tarnish the whole community. This makes me sad that people have that perception! Many of my posts that discuss products are genuine recommendations of products that I like that I have bought with my own money. My last favourites video was all bought by me!

I liked The Unmumsy Mum, but she sold out:

You mean she started to find ways to make money so you could enjoy her content for free? Let’s all remember that… blogs and YouTube are free! If you watched TV or bought a magazine you would see the same sponsored content and adverts, however, blogs and YT are actually more upfront! Ever watched a programme like Made in Chelsea that declares it has product placement – great – but what products are subliminally being fed into your mind? You have no idea right? At least most blogs disclose exactly which product!

Keep a diary if you must log every second of your life.

Don’t get me wrong – I love that one day Rory will have this huge honest document of his life but that is secondary to why I write this blog. All babies and motherhood experiences are different – I hope I can offer someone advice, help or comfort from our experiences in the same way that I learn from others!

Anyway I only got as far as page 2 of 9 before I decided to stop reading it – it was quite bitchy and for women who claim mum bloggers are ‘filling their time’ seem to spend a lot of time bashing others on a forum – at least bloggers ‘fill their time’ trying to create something good and positive. 

Here are the reasons I am a PROUD Mummy Blogger:

  • I used to be a ‘lifestyle blogger’ and have no problem admitting my content used to be copycat drivvle that wouldn’t add anything to anyone’s life – I spent 6 years blogging with no direction. When I fell pregnant I found an amazing, supportive network of bloggers where we share our unique experiences to help others – no different than seeking advice on a forum. 
  • My blog allows me to be something more than a wife and mum while on maternity leave – sure it’s a blog about my baby, but it gives me a creative place to write, take gorgeous photos of Rory that I probably wouldn’t have made the time to take before and document his milestones as I’ve never bothered with a book. 
  • The community is amazing and I’ve made some of the best of friends through blogging – people that get me through my days as I adjust to life in the motherhood – if that’s all I take from blogging – fine by me!
  • The ‘freebies’ – as discussed their not technically free but blogging has introduced me to amazing brands that I may not necessarily of heard about had I not been asked to work with them (because it is work). 

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