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My Pregnancy Symptoms

September 7, 2016

Pregnancy Symptoms to Date:

Pregnancy – it’s a beautiful thing… however, the symptoms that go with it certainly are not. Here is what I have suffered with throughout my pregnancy, this includes the bad, the hideous and the outright embarrassing!
I have also filmed a YouTube video to go along with this post which you can view here and have since decided to do separate posts on some of the key symptoms to talk about how they felt and how I managed them etc.
First Trimester
Nausea: I didn’t get any sickness, just really bad nausea that would make me feel groggy for pretty much the whole day if I wasn’t smart about when I ate.
Extreme Tiredness: This was probably one of the hardest things for me, I was so tired and would often fall asleep on the sofa by 8 o’ clock which is really unusual as I used to be a complete night owl. I hated no longer feeling capable, I would hoover one room and then have to sit down for 15 minutes and have a drink before I could do anything else (not gonna lie, this is still happening!)
Extreme Hunger: I have been fairly hungry throughout my whole pregnancy but in the first trimester it’s like an illness! If I didn’t eat I would have the worst hanger (hungry + anger = hanger) and it would completely ruin my day.
Mood Swings: The tiredness and nausea combined made me really quiet and withdrawn, I would find it really hard to get involved in things and to put on a happy face, and all of my energy was zapped.
Baby Brain: This one shocked me that it came on so early, I always imagined baby brain would be something that comes later on but a few weeks in I would find I was easily confused and always forgetting words etc. When you’re first pregnant you have so much in your head that something has got to give!
Food Aversions: This is a common one I would say, I were put off cups of tea pretty quickly and any food that was too rich. I basically just wanted carbs in their simplest form.
Bleeding Gums: I started having this at about week 6 of pregnancy and ignored it until about week 20 – very naughty! When I did go to the dentist they were not concerned and just said it’s part of the extra hormones, but it can lead to gum disease so always good to get it checked out!
Irritable: This has probably stayed with me my whole pregnancy but I have been pretty easily annoyed since the first trimester. I have had quite a short temper during pregnancy which is unlike me, but when you feel constantly hot and flustered, it doesn’t take much to tip you over the edge.
Bleeding/Spotting: So a few days after I found out I was pregnant we had some light bleeding, this went on for about 4 days, they were the worst 4 days of my life. It was implantation bleeding, but getting the NHS to book a confirmation scan to see this took a while and it wasn’t until a week after the first bleed that we saw that the baby was fine and his little heart was beating. I genuinely mourned for my baby thinking I was miscarrying. I will talk about this more in-depth in another post.
Second Trimester
Heartburn: Heartburn came along with a vengeance in my second trimester, mine also has no real triggers, it seems to depend more on baby’s movements rather than dietary changes. I now have so much sympathy for heartburn sufferers and think I deserve company shares in the ice lolly and Gaviscon market now.
Prenatal Depression: So despite the fact I generally felt great the whole second trimester, I did also have about 10 days of feeling really really bad, each morning I would have bad anxiety and want to just cry for no reason what so ever! I had no enthusiasm to do things that previously used to give me a lot of motivation and just wanted to shut myself off. This was actually a really scary time for me and something I was concerned wouldn’t go away. Fortunately, it didn’t last that long, but if anyone is suffering or if you feel something isn’t quite right, speak to your midwife.
Leaking Boobs: Oh the glamour of pregnancy! This started happening quite early on for me, about week 20 and has not let up yet. – This really shocked me happening so soon, though, I was not prepared.
Over Emotional: I probably spent about 30% of my second trimester crying, like seriously, I once cried at work because I missed my dog (who was at home and I would be seeing in a few hours), once because Phoebe gave birth to the triplets in Friends and once because I was too hot. Just to clear things up, I am also not a crier so this was ridiculous!
Leg Cramps: Okay, so Rich has always banged on about the pain of waking up to leg cramps and I always assumed he was being dramatic… until it happened to me!! I have no idea why this happens during pregnancy but there have been multiple nights I have been sat in bed in the middle of the night effing and chuffing as my leg has cramped up!
Shortness of Breath: There is a growing human and body organs are being shifted – something’s got to give right? Also, your lungs are now smaller and providing oxygen to 2 people… you are no longer the priority so essentially going up the stairs is going to make you out of breath for a good five minutes.
Third Trimester
Still experiencing Heartburn, Shortness of Breath, Leaky Boobs
Back Pain: I’ve started to get quite bad back pain but it’s all around my shoulder blades and normally strikes when I am trying to get comfortable in the evening (an impossible task)  
Swollen Ankles/Oedema: I absolutely hate this, my ankles started to swell to the shape of my shoes. There is nothing that quite makes a girl feel great about herself than ‘cankles’. Luckily this really didn’t last long and was triggered by the hot weather.
Headaches: Oh my god! This was horrendous, this happened this week. I woke up Monday and Tuesday feeling like someone was trying to drill into my head. I don’t really get headaches but this was so bad I took time off work as it had made me nauseous and dizzy too. I had some concerns it was pre-eclampsia as had other symptoms (achy ribs, oedema) but a quick trip to the docs confirmed I actually had a low blood pressure (if it were pre-eclampsia it would be high) anyway, the only thing that solved this was a huge nap on Tuesday and I think it was my bodies way of telling me I needed some rest.
Tiredness: I think I could go into hibernation for the third trimester, It’s not as bad as the first trimester’s tiredness but I do feel an over sensing urge to sleep. My body is clearly telling me that its exhausted from spending all day growing a human and now will I please give it a rest.
Achey Ribs: The lower parts of my ribs have a permanent dull ache to them, I cannot decide if this is bruising from my babies feet or them expanding as he gets bigger?
Other Leaks: Oh the joys, baby has started to get really up close and personal with my bladder and on occasion will give it a tap/punch/kick, which leads to me losing all control of it and there being a leak (my pelvic floor wasn’t all that anyway) – there have been multiple times I have panicked my waters have broken early, just to realise that nope… that’s wee.
What have your pregnancy symptoms been?

Are there any of the above symptoms you’d like to know about more in-depth? 

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