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My Pregnancy Essentials

October 2, 2016

Ice Lollies: From about 27 to 31 weeks I really struggled with heartburn and these really helped keep my body temperature regulated and ease my heartburn.
Gaviscon: If the ice lollies failed I would bring in the big dogs – I really don’t enjoy taking Gaviscon though as the liquid medicine is gross and the chewable tablets are not that nice either, also being pregnant I try and avoid taking medication all together – but this stuff does work when necessary.
Cool it Mama: When your pregnant and lie on your back, the baby puts pressure on a vein in your back that can make you feel poorly. I have had really bad experiences with this where it would make me have hot sweats and want to be sick – not ideal in midwife appointments when you have to lie on your back! – Cool it Mama became my saviour for this, it would cool me down and the essential oils would really help to calm me down too. Its also been amazing at reducing swollen ankles, because they are not attractive.
San Pellegrino Limonata: Pregnancy nausea is a horrible horrible thing that plagued my first trimester, this seemed to be the only thing that would shift it.
Volvic Touch of Fruit: This was a real craving of mine! However if, like me, you struggle to drink tonnes of water this is definitely going to help, getting into this means I can quite happily drink 3l of water a day and keep me and baby healthy!
Maternity Jeans: Personally you can probably go your whole pregnancy without any maternity clothes apart from maternity jeans. The button/hairband trick does work to a point but nothing is going to provide the comfort you require like maternity jeans. I didn’t spend a huge amount, I got mine for £8 on eBay.
Coconut Oil: I bought Coconut Oil to keep stretch marks at bay – I am going to be completely honest and admit that I have been so bad at applying it, but its nice to have around for general skin care usage as babies can dry out your skin.
Fan: This is one thing I didn’t buy but wish I had – it gets so hot at night time! I am picking up a hand held fan for labour.
Ask the Midwife App: When you are pregnant, you can have 1000 fears and questions crossing your mind at any given moment. For me, my midwives are not that easily accessible – I either have to call the labour ward for emergencies or wait until my next appointment, which are normally 3 weeks apart. The Ask the Midwife app allows you to ask questions at any time and has helped me with questions such as “is this a braxton hick” and “is this babies head starting to engage” which offers nice peace of mind when you are not sure why your back and tummy hurt so damn much! You can download the app here.
Pregnancy Pillow: Pregnancy pillows are great to have around and can sometimes offer a lot of comfort and other times just take the strain off slightly. However when you are getting larger in your pregnancy you’ll find trying to get comfortable on the sofa or in bed a lot harder and this definitely helps you find a position that works.
Slip on Shoes: You will start to have very limited access to your feet from about 24 weeks and slip on shoes are so handy! If you are pregnant in the winter it might be worth investing in an UGG style boot or something that is easier to get on and off. I have some amazing ankle boots that I love, but as they don’t have zips I cannot get them on without a helper and even that can be a task!
My Blog: Despite having a blog for years, I had given up on it at the start of the year, I really regret leaving it so late to dedicate it to my pregnancy as its given me such an outlet and everything is documented for many years to come to look back on. You don’t have to start a blog but I do recommend documenting your pregnancy so maybe look into getting a book or diary to do so.

What are you pregnancy essentials? 

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