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My Postpartum Life Saver | The “Ask the Midwife” App

November 11, 2016

I remember early in my pregnancy commenting that there should be a “Text the Midwife service” to save unnecessary visits to the hospital and to offer peace of mind from stress and worry… a couple of months later I found Ask the Midwife. If you read my blog then you’ll know I have raved about the Ask the Midwife app for my whole pregnancy, however, now being post-partum this app is an absolute essential.

I knew I would be a worry mum, the type of mum that despite having a strong experienced network would worry about a lot when it comes to the wellbeing of Rory. There have been a couple of queries where I knew if I called my local Midwifery Unit I would be asked to go to the drop-in clinic to have either myself or Rory looked at, however, when you are just recovering from labour and have a tiny baby – it’s really not that simple just to “pop up” to the drop-in clinic. In these times Ask the Midwife has completely given me the reassurance I needed at the small cost of just £1.99!

How I use Ask the Midwife: 

It all started when I had been home for a couple of days I was worried Rory wasn’t feeding enough as I was told when at the hospital him taking 30ml every feed was perfect, however, when we got home he was taking half that. I asked the question and got this super quick response within the hour.

My third question and BIG fear was that my c-sec scar looked like it had torn to the untrained eye (Richard and I!) and I was all geared up to be driven to the hospital for inspection, however, as Ask the Midwife allows you to submit photos I was quickly given this answer that my scar was actually healing really well as well as signs to look out for that are of concern, allowing me to monitor it properly and not panic, this was amazing as it meant I got a day at home with my family, not sat at the drop in clinic to be given the same answer – to me when you’re just out of hospital and Dads on paternity leave, is priceless as we were allowed a day as a family. Also as we were only day 3 postpartum I think I was slightly apprehensive leaving the baby too!


Other questions I have asked are:

  • Is it normal to have a lack of sensation in your bladder after having a catheter for a c-section? (Answer: yes it is!) 
  • Is it normal to still have puffy ankles a few days post c-section and any tips to help them go down (Answer: yes it is still normal) 
  • Rory hasn’t pooped in 12 hours since taking infacol, should I be worried? (Answer: As Infacol can be used from birth they are probably not related and if it’s easing his pain to continue. side note, his bowel functions are back to normal!)
  • Is Rory’s umbilical cord okay? – again I sent a picture as when his cord dropped off I didn’t know what to expect “underneath” so wanted the peace of mind. (Answer: his cord is absolutely fine!) 

So these are just some of the examples of how I have been using Ask the Midwife since being home from the hospital, to give it some perspective Rory is 10 days old and I have used the service 6 times! It is honestly the best £12 I have ever spent, I am considering signing up for the monthly subscription service at £24 for unlimited questions if I carry on using it at the rate that I am. I love how you get an answer within 4 hours, which when you have a new baby is no time at all as it just whizzes by and you get instant peace of mind!

You can download Ask the Midwife here for free, you will also receive a free question with your download!

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