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My Mummy Hair Care Hacks

September 12, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how much we hold time as a luxury when we have children? How didn’t we realise how time rich we were before and how amazing that we have this new ability to make sure it’s held as a precious gift and is never wasted. Can you remember the hours you used to spend getting ready for things vs the minutes you can do it in now! Here are some of my hacks on making hair care easier for the time poor. 

  • Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver especially in those newborn days, but sometimes if you’re in a rush it can be hard to blend into your hair or it can go chalky. My top tip is to dry shampoo your hair the night before if you’re going to skip washing it, that way it has a chance to blend in and also your natural hair oils soften it up a little but it stops you waking up with greasy hair. It’s also great for adding some extra volume.
  • Sleep in a plait or a pineapple. I brush my hair the night before and they twist it up on the top of my head to sleep, this means that in the morning I wake up with really easy “I woke up like this” curls and wave that require minimal work. If this isn’t quite getting the desired look you can always spray in some texturising or salt spray before you tie in a bun, then in the morning give your bun a quick blast with the hairdryer before you let it down and run your fingers through it.
  • Invest in crocodile clips. Instead of having to use multiple kirby grips to style your hair, try and invest in swift one movement crocodile clips. They’re perfect for a speedy half up/half down style.
  • Keep brushing to a minimum or look at a better brush. I try not to over brush my hair as we all know that postpartum hair loss is very much real and I don’t need a hair transplant on the cards as well! I can’t avoid my hair falling out, but I found I was brushing it tonnes as my hairbrush just wasn’t up to the job. Getting one that was better suited to my hair thickness and type meant that it got the knots out with less work.
  • If you need to wash your hair but want it to dry quicker, avoid conditioners as they create a water resistant coating on the hair which adds to your blow dry time.
  • If it doubt, get your mum bun out. I messy bun is never not going to be a quick and stylish trick. I always find the more you focus and worry about it, the less right its going to go. So just wing it! I always just chuck my hair up on the top of my head and then perfect the “messy look” with hair grips. Its a win win.
  • Want to try a new style but don’t have time for the salon? Switch up your hair parting! Changing from a side to a middle parting (or visa versa) can transform your hair, style and the way you feel instantly so change it up every now and again if you’re looking for something fresh!

*This is a collaborative post

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