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MY HAPPINESS PROJECT | Becoming a Happier Wife, Person & Mum

May 29, 2017

I have never really been affected by news in my life, but on the 23rd of May I woke up to news that shook me to my very core. I don’t know what it is about Manchester, whether it’s too close to home, whether its because it was children or because it gave me the very rude awakening that I can’t really protect my son from the world. 
On the 23rd May, I spent a day mourning, crying everytime I heard the radio and cuddling my child a little harder. On the 23rd May, I woke up. This may seem disrespectful or insensitive and it isn’t meant to be in any way shape or form, but it made me realise that I am not living right now, I am simply plodding along.

Since having Rory I have never been happier, that it’s undeniable. He has brought so much contentment to my life, it’s like he is the missing jigsaw piece that made everything complete. However, since having a baby – I haven’t looked after myself. Naturally, this isn’t something that is unusual for a new mum, but it doesn’t make it right. Due to not eating properly etc I have been feeling moody, tired and sluggish and I have decided to make some very small and simple changes to (and not to sound mega cringe) “live my best life” (it did sound cringe, didn’t it?) 

  1. Drink Water
  2. Eat Well and Eat Breakfast
  3. Unwind
  4. De-Clutter
  5. Choose Your Battles
  6. Care Less
  7. Be Consistent
  8. Hustle Harder
  9. Make Lists
  10. Be in the Moment
I will be tracking my progress on this blog and feeding back – let me know what you think! 

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