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My “Getting Outside” Plans for Autumn

September 4, 2014

My garden is a place that I am obsessed with! We lived with it being a horrible area for such a long time and were really lucky that my mum had it renovated for us and it’s gorgeous. I absolutely love making the most of it but with the Great British weather that isn’t something I have managed to do as much as I’d liked this year but it is part of my “feel good” mantra to spend as much time outside. Since having a baby I hate being cooped up inside so here are some of the things I am trying to do to get out more.

Invest in Outdoor Toys. In order to get outdoors with a baby, its much easier to have a purpose. Some people may think that’s an excuse but for me having purpose and plans means it’s going to happen. We have recently been given a Smart Trike and a Baby Swing so they are already a good foundation to start with. We do need some outdoor storage though which I am currently looking into!
Get Green Fingered. I’m so grown up right? When I go to garden centres I get SO EXCITED! I just have all of the romantic visions. There is something quite nice about growing and nurturing things from scratch (probably why I always seem to be pregnant at the moment!!) Rich and I have talked about getting an allotment, but we decided to bring things right back and actually use what we already have and start with the garden. Rich loves the idea of growing his own vegetables to we are currently looking at Greenhouse solutions. Side note: who knew Greenhouses were so nice these days?!! We’ve been looking at GBC Group’s Victorian Greenhouses collection and they’re gorgeous! No standard silver aluminium there. 

Walk More. I bloody LOVE a walk, Unfortunately I seem to be the only one in my family with that passion at the moment but now it’s Autumn it’s time to get walking. I love getting snug in some chunky knits and pulling on my wellies (god I am so cliche) but I am super excited to find some new woodland walks and also I am going to dine out on my national trust membership.


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