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My Favourite Pregnancy Apps

September 26, 2016

Ask the Midwife: OH MY GAHD THIS APP IS A LIFE SAVER! I remember saying to Rich that the NHS should fund a service where you can text a midwife as mine can be quite hard to get hold of or you have to call the labour ward. For questions like “Is this a Braxton Hick?” it doesn’t warrant calling labour ward but I need an answer before my next midwife appointment which are often at least 3 weeks apart. Anyway, this is literally just that! You send a question to a midwife and it gets answered within 4 hours or they have a chat service too. I LOVE IT! It has been there for me so much and offered a lot of reassurance. You get a question for free when you download it, questions after that are £1.99 or you can subscribe like me for £24.99. (Honestly I ask it so much its totally worth it!) You can also use it for baby related questions once little one is here. Download it here! 

Sprout Pregnancy: This is one of my favourite apps, it shows really impressive images of how baby would look in the womb and its super interactive. The only thing that seems to be slightly off is the fruit it compares your baby too – so like last week it put as a pineapple but other apps have done that for this. Download it here!

Ovia Pregnancy: To be 100% honest, I thought the Ovia Fertility app is way better than the pregnancy app, however in my first trimester when I was getting used to what you can and cant eat – this has a really handy food checker, the symptom checker is good too and I do love the “weird and wonderful” things that it compares the size of your baby too! Apparently at 34 weeks my little one is the size of a basketball hoop?! I also like the fact it shows you the size of your babies hand. Olay so I DO quite like the app but I LOVED its fertility app so much. Download it here! 

Kicks Count: This app comes in really handy when you are having a moment of feeling like movements are reduced. When you have to count the kicks having an app to help you is super important so you don’t lose count. Download it here!

Pregnancy +: The thing I like about his app are the images, it shows you a general picture of your baby as well as 4d scan images. I find this really interesting as I struggle to imagine how my little one looks.

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