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My current favourite bloggers!

July 25, 2016

Here is the current list of my absolute favourite blogs, I am going to keep this in my ‘blogging resources’ tab in the header of my blog. 

Jenna @ Jenna Fifi 
Jenna is actually a friend of mine and her blog is fantastic. She is total photography goals and has a lovely creative eye.
Sophie @ Sophie Cliff
There is something about this blog that makes me love everything about it! I love the way that Sophie comes across and think her writing style is really lovely and relatable.
Amber @ PB & J Babes
I came across this blog when researching PCOS and she is the first person to make me feel some kind of relief and regain some control, her upbeat stance made me want to document my journey. Also, her family is gorgeous and her blog is great for baby style inspiration.
Hannah @ Hannah Gale
If you are feeling nostalgic this is the place you want to be, Hannah’s 90s list posts are on point! Also, she occasionally does posts where she gets really real about 20 something problems.
You probably all know and have heard of Becky for her photography, but it is sooo beautiful! I have been a reader of Beckys blog for years and loved watching the way it’s developed.
OMG GIRL CRUSH. This girl is so stylish it makes me want to weep. Also, I think she looks like Effie from Skins. No? Just me?
Kate @ Kate La Vie 
One word. Interiors. Every time I visit this blog I want to redecorate. WE have white floorboards throughout the house because of this girl. Ronseal has a lot to thank her for.
There really are not enough blogs documenting pregnancy (well there are, but stand out ones) I love how Lucie gets really honest about the highs and lows of pregnancy, there needs to be more of this!
Bump to Baby is a lovely blog and a really great resource for finding out what you actually need for the pending arrival of your baby!
This was the first ever blog I read and pretty much the sole reason that I even have a blog. Thank-you Lily for the inspiration!
Again this was one of the first blogs I ever came across and was really taken in by how professional Carrie keeps everything. I have loved watching this blog grow and also loved watching Carrie recently become a married woman!

Liza comes across so cute and what a  lovely little family she has. She is definitely the definition of a yummy mummy. 

Who are your favourite bloggers? Leave me theirs and your links in the comments section. I LOVE finding new blogs to read. 

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