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My August Goals

August 1, 2018

Self Development Goals

Nail the Calendar: SO my plan is that my calendar will soon have some daily organisation broken down by housework (see the organised mum method to get an idea of how that works), an activity for the kids which will be separate to playdates/groups, a work theme i.e writing, filming etc and self-care. I’m planning to do this to provide structure to the places where I feel need the most development. It will also help me to be mindful of socialising as I’ll be able to see when I am due to have adult interaction as that is always the thing that gets me down… a lack of gossip!

Clear my Brain Fog: I don’t know how to do this yet, and yes I understand the irony of it all. Clear brain fog, doesn’t know how to clear brain fog, vicious circle. But since giving birth to Elin my brain feels like it is made of cotton wool. We’ve all heard it but the baby brain is real people. I am hoping this whole ‘journey’ will be the answer to clearing said brain fog. Basically, I let things slip recently and now life seems to resemble some headphones that got left on someone’s back pockets. It’s going to take a while to undo the knots but once we’ve done it, we’ll make sure we wrap them up better next time to refrain from said knots happening again. The housework and my workload have got a little cluttered and I am trying to undo it.

Parenting Goals

Master the Daily Activity: So I touched on this above but I really want both kids to have a daily activity. This will be a combination of things that are suitable for each child that I can do during one on one time (when the other naps) and also activities that they can both do (once I’ve actually considered things they can both do?!). This is to be separate from any play dates or play groups. This is meant to be a fun afternoon activity at home to break up chunks where I am working etc. This will be things like pebble painting, sensory activities, digging/exploring and other activities that Pinterest told me would make me a good mum!

Work on my Patience: I can’t decide if I’m short tempered or if my kids are little ratbags? Either way, we are clashing! If they are little ratbags then there isn’t too much I can do to control that so I need to learn to work on how I deal with the situations a little better. Since having two kids I am really bad at allowing one of them to dictate how I handle the other i.e. if I am putting Rory’s shoes on and he’s messing about while Elin is crying for attention, I will be way snappier with Rory than normal and although he shouldn’t be messing about, he is only a child and he doesn’t have a bloody clue. Any tips on managing patience as a mum?

Relationship Goals

Netflix and No Chill: I’m laughing at myself even as I write that, but seriously… we have two small kids… the chill is at zero. However, to make up for that we do have Netflix and better yet, the new season of Orange is the New Black is about to be released and I am calling it a date. Right now isn’t our time for dating, it’s just not gonna happen so I do need to find ways to prioritise spending time together and having a common interest so this feels like a good starting point.

Celebrate our Three Year Wedding Anniversary: God knows how though! Watch this space.

Home Goals

Declutter like a Mother F*cker: I AM SICK OF THIS HOUSE FEELING CROWDED! There I said it. I am so overwhelmed by stuff that it makes me feel ill. I hate it. I am very slowly but surely decluttering. So far I have managed our dining room which feels like a small achievement but when I reflect upon the sheer amount of stuff that was in there, it’s pretty huge. The dining room was a room that I had severely fallen out of love with and decluttering it of 3 pushchairs/tricycles alone has made me feel amazing. We have bought some new pictures and plants for the shelves in there and its a room I am in love with again. This has really sparked my motivation for decluttering. I am going to tackle it room by room I have decided and not stop in the room until I am satisfied with how it feels. The bedroom is my next project.

Master the The Organised Mum Method: I am kind of in love with/kind of still getting to grips with this, which is basically to spend 30 mins per day cleaning a room well (obviously apart from your daily tasks like washing, dishes etc) but what I like about it is that its a manageable chunk of time where I know I am only allowed to do housework for 30 minutes so I, therefore, choose to do it when Rich gets home and not worry about housework in the daytimes.



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