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Mummy & Baby Two Week Update

November 16, 2016

My baby is two weeks old and here’s how we are coping…

How is he two weeks old? It hurts my heart that time is flying so quickly, however, since day one it has felt like Rory has been here the whole time! I cannot imagine a life without him!

How is Rory? 

Rory is still great – we are now with the health visitor who checked him over and also did his hearing test and he is perfect. I know I am biased, but honestly, he is perfect. I look at him and just think, how did I make something so cute? He is becoming way more alert and staying awake for longer between naps, taking things in. 


Sleep still has its challenges. Rory naps fine all day, but the second he is put in his co-sleeper crib at night he is cranky and awake and just wants to be on my chest. It takes a few hours to settle him and then he sleeps in two and a half hour chunks. I’ll be happy when he grows out of the habit and settles in his co-sleeper but appreciate its a very normal newborn habit. Truth be told I actually like Rory sleeping on my chest and would have him sleep there if I could guarantee his safety but with the constant reminder of SIDs risks its just not worth it!


Rory is taking on a lot more milk, he’ll now take 60ml in one go which is great as we can now use our perfect prep machine which makes my life so much easier and I will try and get him to take as much as possible. The prep machine will do a minimum of 120ml so we do often end up wasting some milk, but the convenience when doing night feeds weighs this out. Most of the time he’ll wake up within the 2 hours of the milk remaining sterile and take the rest. We have recently swapped him over to Aptamil from Cow & Gate as I heard lots of good things about it helping wind and in fairness he does seem to be bringing things up a lot easier. 


Rory doesn’t freak in the bath (as much): He has stopped crying in the bath, I decided to have a bath with him a couple of nights ago and I think thats built up his confidence as he’ll now be washed without crying but freaks a little when being taken out (it used to be the other way around) 
Rory had a really good night sleep: Last night Rory slept for big 4 hour chunks, meaning he has woken up to a very happy and refreshed Mummy and Daddy. 

Products we can’t live without: 

Purflo Nest: I meant to include this last week, we absoultely LOVE this. Rory likes having his own little secure nest to sleep in during the day and its lovely to have him snuggled up on the sofa with us. Also in my earlier c-section recovery days it allowed me to move him around with more ease. 
Dr Browns Bottles: Again these should have been included last week, but these have given us a much happier little baby. He is much less windy on these and they are so worth the extra cleaning time and cost that initially put me off! 
Angelcare Bath Support: This little invention is fantastic, it really holds your baby in place meaning they don’t slip and slide around in the bath. For me being able to bath my baby two weeks after a c-section is a huge acomplishment on the recovery front and a lot of it is down to this! 

How’s Mama? 

Mama is doing so much better as the weeks go on, I am emotionally and pysically much stronger! C-section recovery wise I am pretty much there, I am not in that much pain anymore and way more mobile. I have nearly stopped taking the many meds I was prescribed too. After a c-section you are given medication to inject into your belly to thin your blood to reduce risk of blood clots and I was also given iron tablets as I lost a lot of blood in surgery. I finished my course of injections the other day and my iron tablet course will be finished today but I think they’ll re-prescribe me these. 
I didn’t mention in my one week update that I suffered with leg swelling after my c-section which is normal but as one was more swollen that the other there was a query that I was a higher risk for blood clots so have had to be having scans at the hospital, I had my last one today and am finally discharged for that which is a relief! 
I am still suffering from aneamia, the midwives were worried as my iron levels have continued to drop since surgery, not increase like they should. If they don’t increase over the next few weeks I will need a blood transfusion. 
Symptom wise, I am having night sweats and headaches – the headaches are pretty bad but I think its from the sleep deprivation! Bleeding wise I have nearly stopped which will be a welcome relief as it’s doing my head in and I am starting to get sore from the maternity pads. My milk is still there, but my boobs are pretty much back to normal, again I’ll be glad once its completely gone so I don’t have to wear a bra to bed. My stomach looks pretty much back to normal size wise, however still has that jelly consistency! Its a real mum bod. 
Emotionally I just feel more put together, Rich goes back to work tomorrow which does make me a little nervous but at the same time I am looking forward to having the oppourtunity to get Rory and I into a routine. 

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