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Mummy & Baby Two Month Update

January 11, 2017

Motherhood is an absolute dream come true, I am loving pretty much every single minute of it. Rory is no longer a squishy little newborn, he is quite a sturdy lad which is both lovely and terrifying! Why is he growing so fast?

Confession time though, at the time of writing this post we are actually ten weeks postpartum *slaps back of hand* I will make sure these are on time in the future!


After every feed, despite bringing up wind, Rory would really cry in pain! Diagnosing him with Colic I raided Boots for all forms of gripe water and infant drops (yep I have tried them all) Colief was the best at offering some relief, however with a £10 a week price tag I decided to talk to the doctor about a prescription.

The doctor told me that all Colief does is break down the lactose content in the milk and to try Rory on lactose free milk. I initially decided Rory wasn’t lactose intolerant but after reading the symptoms I realised it could be an option and bought some lactose free formula. The first day he was less settled than ever but by day 2 he was a different baby!

I was told it should be a temporary intolerance and after a month to try and wean him back onto normal formula – this was an epic fail and by day 2 Rory was crying in pain again! So he is back to just lacto-free formula. I have a doctors appointment for this week to discuss the next steps and see if we try normal formula again at a later date or if he needs allergy testing.


Daytime sleep is hit and miss, he wants to sleep on me which isn’t always practical. However he has started to do bigger naps on his own with the help of swaddle blankets and his Purflo Nest – hurrah! He will also nap whilst baby wearing if things are really bad and he won’t let me move!

Nightime sleep is a joy – but it has its conditions. We bedshare! When we first had Rory he would not sleep alone at night under any circumstance. Initially I thought he didnt like his Moses basket so bought him a co-sleeping crib but we had the same problem – he just wanted the security of sleeping on me. I would try and get him into a deep sleep on my chest then put him down but out of exhaustion I was falling asleep with him on me and risking his life as he would sometimes fall off – mum guilt alert!

It was Sophia who suggested bed-sharing, with the valid argument of “surely its better to practise safe bed sharing than to keep doing what I’m doing” something there obviously stuck with me as a week later out of sheer desperation at 3am I popped Rory next to me and he slept through till 8am. From three weeks until now he has slept in our bed and just wakes once for a feed and I haven’t looked back since.

I don’t have a plan regarding bedsharing and as much as I appreciate the constant reminders of SIDs or being told “you’re making a rod for your own back”, at the moment I am thinking of the here and now and we are all refreshed and enjoying the bond it brings. I’ll do a bigger post on that anyway.

How is Mama?

Shockingly well. I never thought I would recover from my Caesarian physically or emotionally. Physically apart from the scar you just wouldn’t know, I have put the anaemia (from losing so much blood in surgery) and the constant hospital visits due to being at risk of blood clots behind me.

Emotionally I am certainly getting there, obviously I am still upset my aspect of everything and the thought that I may never deliver naturally or having the stigma of “not giving birth” but I am certainly not crying about it anymore. I do have a few posts planned on my Caesarian and getting over traumatic labours.

Postpartum body wise – things are amazing. I have been so so lucky to quickly lose the baby weight and apart from the jelly belly and a few stretch marks things are as they were before!

Being a mum has offered me so much confidence and made me feel like my life as purpose and that everything is as it should be. Rory is the greatest joy of my life and I absolutely adore him!

To see more on how we are doing two months postpartum, watch our YouTube update here.

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