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Mummy & Baby Three Week Update

November 25, 2016

My baby is three weeks old and here is how we are coping…

This post is late which I really hate, but juggling life with a newborn is starting to show! I am hoping to get some consistency back on my blog at some point! (blue sky thinking) however, making the most of my time with him is so important right now!

How is Rory?

We have finally been signed off by the midwife – hurrah! He is gaining weight nicely still and has almost hit the 9lbs mark! (his birth weight was 8lbs 6oz but he dropped a little in his first week) He is a much clingier baby this week which initially I didn’t understand and then thought maybe he had colic on the way, so I took him to the GP who told me he had thrush in his mouth. Initially, she tried not to prescribe anything, thank god I took my mum who pushed for some medicine, she also gave us Gaviscon in case he had colic or reflux and both seem to of really helped. Also, he hadn’t pooped for 2 days so think maybe he was a little backed up. After a tough couple of days of a screaming baby, he is back to a much more content little one, although still a little cuddly.


Sleep is still varied since the colic/constipation/thrush issue he is struggling to be put down in the day so will only sleep on me, however, I have worked out he is back into his Moses basket, despite his initial rejection of it, as he likes the motion from the gliding base. But generally, he wants to be on his mummy to sleep which has made the last few days hard work as I am pretty much stuck to the sofa with him. I shouldn’t complain but a huge part of my mental wellbeing is being able to get up and do things like little housework bits to make me feel better so that’s been hard. We have had some big sleep nights where he has gone three and a half hour blocks which were heaven but that was all knocked down on Monday night where we had tears on and off from 12am – 4am – these were heartbreaking tears as he was so clearly in pain from whatever is going on with his tum.


So I have pretty much covered it in the last two paragraphs but something is up, we just don’t know what. Rory has always been a very windy baby but it seems to be materialising more and more. He will not be put on his back at the moment and obviously, I can’t let him sleep unsupervised on his front so that is challenging. He was crying whilst feeding and after feeding was in pain, he had also started to spit his bottle out to cry which made me think he had reflux? However, since having his medicine for thrush he has been loads better which makes me really annoyed that the GP was going to just leave it and not prescribe anything.

I recently swapped from infacol to Colief which seems to work well, he is bringing his wind up much more readily making it worth the £10 price tag. The GP has prescribed baby Gaviscon, which I didn’t have much hope for this as have heard some not so rave reviews, however, that combined with his thrush medicine has given me a completely different baby.

Everyone says how quickly phases happen with newborns and I am quickly realising that. I wrote this post on Tuesday in a very different light being at my wit’s end with a poorly baby and am now re-writing it with fresh eyes and a calmer child. You really do have to take each day as it comes!

How’s Mama?

Mama health wise is well – finally! I am glad to no longer have concerns over my legs for blood clots or be classed as anaemic! Hurrah. Mentally I am also feeling in a much more balanced place and that I am getting to grips with parenthood slightly more.

Body wise I am really happy, I have pretty much snapped back to how things were before, if not a little smaller. I obviously still have a very soft ‘jelly belly’ which I think will take a while to firm up but once in clothed you’d never know. My boobs have definitely shrunk to way smaller than they were pre-pregnancy which is odd but at least they no longer sag down like spaniel ears! I still haven’t braved jeans as I think it would irritate my c-section scar so my mummy wardrobe consists of sweaters and leggings at the moment.

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