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Mummy & Baby Three Month Update

February 8, 2017

I know that Rory stopped being a newborn a while ago, but I feel like I really cannot use that term anymore. At 15lbs 12oz he is a big, sturdy lad with excellent neck control, he is incredibly alert and interactive. He has been a ‘talker’ for a while now, but he is starting to mimic what others say to him. Recently I said “hello” to him and the gurgle back was almost passable as words. He is really intelligent and advanced from what I can make out.

His Dad taught him to do this thing where if you stick your tongue out at him, he’ll do it back and smile, if he meets someone new, his siblings or his grandparents this is how he will greet them. It’s so amazing to see how he picks these things up. He also finds himself hilarious, when he farts or poos he does a huge gummy smile afterwards. The most amazing gummy smile in the world.


In my last update I discussed how we were using Dr Browns bottles and lactose-free milk to manage Rory’s sensitive digestive system. After reading Calming Colic – which I cannot recommend enough – I have added a probiotic once a day to his formula. Basically, the book discusses how labour and antibiotics can throw off babies digestive systems (and other things) and to try and re-balance it. You’ll have to read it as so far it’s made huge improvements to him and he isn’t bringing his knees up after a feed as much now. I am going to also be taking him to an osteopath and am considering sampling Nannycare Goats Milk Formula as well as these are other recommendations by the book. If your baby has any wind or colic issues, pick up the e-book – best £5.99 I ever spent!

I have started the “Milk Challenge” again this month – as he is on lactose-free milk it’s to see if he can be put back onto normal formula, you integrate it a scoop at a time. Last month it didn’t go too well, but I put him on two scoops by day two, while this time I am taking things slower, adding a scoop a week until we hit 6oz! I decided it may be time to try again as I had a powder explosion in my bag at the weekend and had to buy normal pre-made formula and he reacted fine to it!


He is still an angel at nighttimes and even spent a week of going all the way through, in fact one morning I even had to wake the lazy bugger up at 7 to feed him as we had to go out. The reason he is amazing is because we are still co-sleeping/bed-sharing (whichever you want to call it) and to be honest I don’t have any plans of stopping. I don’t miss the bedtime anxiety of “how bad is tonight going to be” and I love the cuddles!


Leap Number 3, to be honest, this wasn’t a nice milestone to document, but it is an important one. The 10 days that nearly broke me as a parent. Numerous times Rory would be quite happy sat relaxed to then break out into a fully fledged screaming cry. He isn’t much of a crier, more of a grumbler so this was so out of character. I would pick him up, cry. Put him down, cry. Feed him, cry. Nothing would help him. In the end, I would just cry with him! Then all of a sudden, a few days later, I had the happiest baby in the world back chuckling away like nothing has happened.

How is Mama?

Mama is good (apart from the 10 horrible days) – I am feeling well. Being a mum has given me a new level of security and cofidence, I feel really complete! Labour wise, I feel loads better than I did when I was first postpartum, I am way less emotional about my labour and can now talk about it and think about it without crying! Bonus. Bodywise, I don’t think I have ever felt better about my body – sure it has its “mummy marks” but apart from that it snapped back! I am glad I don’t have that extra worry and also I think once its grown and delivered a baby, you cut it a little slack!

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