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Mummy & Baby Six Month Update

May 4, 2017

Welcome to the world’s longest baby update post! Okay so that may be an exaggeration but I really have rambled for this one but let’s face it six months was never going to be a small milestone. I cannot believe that he has been here for half a year, despite the time going ridiculously fast I can’t remember life without him.

How is Rory?:
Apart from the dreaded teething gremlin that comes out to play every now and again, Rory is so so well. He is such a little character and a generally happy boy, making a lot of noise screaming and cooing at things he finds funny. He will do anything to make you laugh and is smart, once he knows he’s done something amusing he will keep doing it for your approval.

As always Rory is very keen to learn, he is into absolutely everything and is so curious. Right now he wants to touch and feel everything which is why we are starting Baby Led Weaning. He also loves to take in new surroundings.

Size wise, he’s big! I don’t know how long he is (but he is long – ironic if you see the size of his Dad and I), but he’s also heavy. I had him weighed last week and he was tipping the scales at almost 21lbs. They even weighed him twice as they were sure they’d done it wrong! People always comment on how chunky he is and I absolutely love it. It’s nice to have a big sturdy lad, plus it is always a good workout trying to lug him about.

Daytime sleep can still be hit and miss as to how long he will go down for but as he seems to have set naptimes now I tend to be out and about with him. They normally vary from 20 to 40 minutes which isn’t ideal. I’d like to work towards a 90-minute nap.

Night time sleep is good but has had its moments depending on his teeth. He used to sleep through or just wake up once but it can now be up to three times on a bad night. He is good though and goes straight back to sleep with his bottle. He is still in our bed but I feel the bed sharing time is coming to an end and I will soon stop moving him from his cot into our bed at night times.


A huuuge feeding milestone has happened. Rory is NO LONGER lactose intolerant. Hurrah! If you have been a reader of our monthly updates for a while you will know that we have tried and failed many a time to wean him back onto normal formula but finally, at 6 months he is there! It makes life so much easier when it comes to going out as lactose-free formula doesn’t come ready made. It also makes weaning easier as we go down the baby led route as it means I don’t have to check ingredients.

We started BLW at 5 and a half months after the health visitor said “he’s nearly six months so toy may as well go for it!” haha! I was completely clueless about how to start, I picked up a few cookbooks but in honestly I found that the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook App has been the most helpful AND its only £4.99.

We have a routine… I repeat we have a routine!! It goes a little like this: Wakes up around 7 am for a poo and a feed (like his Dad), sometimes he goes back down for a bit, sometimes not. Dependant on whether he went back down he will need a nap at 10 or 11. Wakes up around 12 for his lunch (but can be at 1 if we are out and about). Naps around 2 or 3 pm. Dinner at 5pm. Bath at 6 pm. Bed by 7 pm. It’s amazing.

I’ve never really had a plan for a ‘bedtime routine’ but just decided it was something I felt he would benefit from and it has been a game changer. I miss him a lot, but popping him in the cot between 7 pm and 10 pm has given me some free time back and also means I spend some time with Rich too! He does wake up in this period but only for a quick cuddle and he goes back in the cot so thats all okay! (I secretly enjoy the cuddle too)

The second I started the bedtime routine and the combination of meal times has meant the whole days routine has fallen into place!

Rolling: After a lot of frustration he has mastered the roll. First, he went back to front and now is all about the back to front. I didn’t think he would get rolling as he didn’t show much interest but then all of a sudden, something just clicked.

He started childcare: He has had his first couple of settling in sessions with his childminder in prep for me going back to work, one time went really well, one time did not. This has definitely set me off on a wobbly about going back to work but I am confident we are making the right decision.

How is Mama?
I wanted to include myself in this update again as I have a few postpartum issues creeping back in, nothing major but still.

Emotionally, something is up with me this month. I am struggling to come to terms with my growing baby and find myself constantly looking back at old photos of him and of being pregnant. It literally hurts my heart how quickly this time is going and I know I am being irrational as he is still very much a baby at six months, but I just can’t help it. I want to cry looking at his first photos. I love Rory more and more each day and it is easier the older he gets, but I just cannot help but feel the time is going too quickly. I don’t know if it’s because he is now in his cot or my impending return to work is reminding me our 24/7 days together are numbered. I am wondering if it’s just me, or is this normal?

Also, I am finding my post baby body really strange. I have been ‘lucky’ enough to very quickly lose my baby weight and then some which I know seems to be the main goal but there is something weird about it for me.. it’s not my body anymore, I used to be an hourglass figure and I am now very much ‘boyish’ with no hips, boobs or bum. It sounds like an odd complaint but its just odd when it’s not what you are used to seeing, feeling or dressing and I am finding it hard to come to terms with. I am planning on buying some new clothes to fit my new frame and hoping that makes me feel better.

I promise this post is NOT sponsored by Tommee Tippee – it’s just been a good month for them in our household… ready?

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep: So, we have actually owned three prep machines in our lifetime. I bought one when pregnant but sent it back after a midwife scared me off it, I then bought one when he was a newborn but stopped using it when he had colic and started making bottles from scratch just to take back the element of control to make sure we were ruling anything else out and now he as grown out of his lactose intolerance and colic I have picked up another one and I am in love with it. It really does make life so much easier! My only complaint (although no longer relevent) is that you should be able to make less ounces so you can use it straight away with your baby as no newborn drinks 4oz. Click Here to Buy.
Tommee Tippee Monitor: Another purchase I picked up when I was pregnant that we have just started using. I LOVE this monitor. Initially when I first started putting Rors in the cot I just had the sudio minitor going so when he slept for long periods of time I would be popping in to check he was still breathing all the time! Then I set up the sensor pad part of this monitor and I absolutely love the peace of mind it offers. Its made me so much more relaxed about him being in his cot now. Click Here to Buy.
Tommee Tippee Dummies: Rory had always been an Avent boy, however not that bothered about dummies. He would use them when he napped and even then he would quickly spit them out. He was starting to become really anti dummy and we were okay with that, we were not going to force them upon him but then I found a rogue Tommee Tippee one I bought in the early days of having Rory and he quickly became a dummy baby. He now keeps his dummy in his chops instead of spitting it out the minute he was sat out. I think its really helping him through his teething. The designs are soooo cool too. Click Here to Buy.
Tommee Tippee Bottles: I swear by Dr Browns bottles if your baby has colic or suffers with wind – for that they truly are the best in the market. However, once your baby grows out of that, they’re a little redundant. We bought the “options” range of Dr Browns which meant you could remove the anti colic valve and use as normal bottles, great idea in thoery but in practise they are a bit crap without the valve, they suddenly leak and the teat concaves when feeding. I started just using them with the valve again but they’re a bit harder to clean and when its not necessary it can be an added annoyance. I was at baby group the other day and some other mums had the same gripe and then we saw a baby with  a Tommee Tippee bottle FEEDING THEMSELVES! The babies mum thought it was because the bottles were a nice size so I thought well I’ll try them them. They are good bottles and I really dont have any complaints. Click Here to Buy.

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