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Mummy & Baby One Week Update

November 9, 2016

My baby is one week old and here is how we are coping…
One week old? How is that even possible… Okay, so he was one week old yesterday but still! I want to bottle this time up so badly to stop it slipping through my fingers. Rory has been here for one week now and it’s bizarre to me that he ever wasn’t here. On Monday I kept thinking “this time last week, my waters had broken” etc. I am in a complete bubble of love and am so proud of my little creation that his Dad and I made from scratch. Trying to conceive a baby had it’s challenges and pregnancy wracked me with fear of the worst so now he is here I can’t believe it and am doing everything in my power to savour it. Also, as Rich already had two kids, I know logistically there may not be another baby, so I want to make the most of the baby time. We already have a really strong bond and I am so in love with my little bear.

How is Rory?

According to all his midwife appointments, Rory is well. He came at a good weight 8lb 6oz and has lost about 6% of that which is normal. He seems to become more alert each day, following things with his eyes, he also really likes holding things like my hand, bra strap or top which is super cute.


Sleep is challenging! For the first two nights (one in the hospital) we were lulled into the false sense of security that most newborns like to give off. They’re so tired they sleep and don’t make a peep and you have to wake them to feed! However, I’m not naive and knew it wouldn’t be something to get used too and true to form Rory and I spent night three on the sofa as he just wouldn’t settle, also as I had a c-section I couldn’t get up to sort him out very easily, which was the biggest challenge! Sleeping upright made life easier, but I have since invested in the Chico Next2Me so I can tend to him so much easier! We are trying to work on more “awake” time and establishing a routine by bathing little monkey before bed and keeping him up. Wish me luck as last night (night six) I don’t think I even got an hours sleep! *Update* Last night (night seven) we kept him awake for two hours before bed, we had a couple of hours of initial grizzling where he wouldn’t be put down without crying, but from about 1am till 8am he slept really well, only waking every few hours for a feed. I am not sure if he got tired or if it’s because I swaddled him, but something worked.


Baby is feeding in line with what he should be, taking on little and often whilst his little tummy grows. He takes about 60ml-90ml at each feed which are roughly two hours apart. He is quite a windy baby and we have had to do some trial and error with bottles, we have finally settled on Dr Browns which is annoying as we discussed just buying these in the first place but decided that is he wasn’t a windy baby it would be easier to just have normal bottles but here we are, re-buying our bottle gear! Baby has expensive taste. We have also started using infacol which definitely seems to of helped however he has not done a poo since (about 24 hours) so keeping an eye on that. *Update* he pooped this morning, I was so proud!!!


Baby is registered: He is officially his own little person with a birth certificate, which is very exciting! It was hilarious, though, when we went in to register him Rich said “Oh I’ll just grab my ID” and the registrar said “Oh don’t worry I only ask if people look a bit dodgy” so he sat down… 10 minutes later she asked us for ID ha! Clearly, we give off a dodgy vibe. I think it’s because sleep deprivation has made us have to really think when asked questions like “Where did you get married?”

Babies First Bath: Okay, so he has now had a couple, all of which he dislikes but he is getting there, he enjoys the big soppy cuddles he gets afterwards as we both feel horrible for putting him through the trauma of a bath!

Things I’ve learnt/Newborn Hacks:

Tear Up Wet Wipes: I love Water Wipes, but they are expensive! I was using them the other day and my mum was like “why don’t you tear one wipe in two so you get more usage” – it was honestly like she’d just told me the world was round… its saves so many wipes and they’re less bulky making it easier to get into his little crevasses!

Warm Wipes: Before I wiped his bum I was popping wipes into my bra to warm them, else he would scream bloody murder when the cold wipe touched him. I now can’t do this as my milk has come in and I am supposed to be not stimulating them so I just hold them or wrap them in a muslin blanket.

Avoid Projectile Pee: Rory is a real projectile pee-er, I learnt this the second time I changed his nappy at the hospital, I thought I had been super careful to expose his bit to the air and re cover etc but he managed to soak my bed, his bed and my new changing bag! My proud moment was when he was weighed at the midwife and to get them back for his heel prick he literally managed to projectile the length of the room, it was impressive! Anyway, Rory likes to lead you into a false sense of security, he isn’t the typical “expose it to the air and cover” baby. He will wait until you think he isn’t going to, will let you wipe his bits, pop a new nappy underneath him and then boom. He goes off! I learnt that if I roll up a muslin blanket and pop it between his legs I can wipe up his bum with the security that any pee will just go into the blanket and his nappy.  

How’s Mama?

Mama has been up and down. I had a fairly rough labour, spoiler alert it was 39 hours long and ended in emergency c-section where I lost a lot of blood, but we’ll talk more about this in my labour and delivery story. At the time I was really calm and chilled, putting on a brave face as that’s how I deal with things, a few days after I was just on a baby high so didn’t really care, but once I was home a mixture of hormones, sleep deprivation and pain meant the c-section haunted me slightly. When I thought of labour I felt tearful about it all, but I think a lot of it is to do with not being capable of looking after my baby 100% as I was fragile. Each day has brought on new strength and despite being in hospital today getting checked due to fear of blood clots, I feel much stronger emotionally and physically.

I never thought I would feel myself again, but she is coming back! I actually feel more like pre-pregnancy me which I am glad about! If you read my pregnancy updates you’ll know I was looking forward to having some control of my hormones. I don’t feel so snappy or short tempered anymore, I am back to being pretty calm. I do have quite a scrambled brain, though!
I was planning on taking postpartum pictures, but if I am being honest, by body looks brutal. I look in the mirror and think it’s my face imposed on someone else’s body. None of it looks like mine. I am not in a huge rush to spring back, my priorities at the moment are my family and my recovery.

Please note: There are some format issues with this blog post, trying to mend them whilst bouncing a newborn. Please don’t judge me!

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