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February 2, 2017

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So this post was meant to go live yesterday, but I failed and it’s a day late! I did, however, manage to get the video up in time which you can watch here

Dr Browns Travel Caps: If you’re a user of Dr Browns then you’ll know how frustrating making up bottles is! The valve system means that when there is too much pressure from the boiling water it just leads to one big explosion scalding your hands, that was until I found these babies. Just £2.19 from Amazon.

Nuby Chewbie: Hurrah finally a teether that Rory likes – and it was a bargain! This is the only teether he seems to get anything from. He smiles when I rub it on his gums, while with other teethers he just pulls a face or spits it out. You can get it here.
Nuby Dribble Bibs: Bibs used to be on my list of ‘baby products you don’t need’ and I stashed them away until weaning began, however, I recently saw these on Lucie’s channel and thought they looked quite sweet. They are actually amazing at saving a babies clothes from the dreaded dribble as it all gets caught on his chin with these before it has a chance to get in his neck rolls. You can find these here.

Black & White Books: Ah the art of distracting your baby – I keep this bad boy in my changing bag and get it out every now and again when Rory irritable. I like this one as he can hold it and it crinkles – bonus points. I got mine in WHSmith, but you can also find it here.
Detinox Teething Gel: Ah teething, you silent little devil – teething is something your told won’t happen for aaaages like until their at last 6 months. then bam, the she devil jumps on your three-month-old and cue dribbling, them chomping on your hands and random tears. I am finding Detinox seems to work best to take the pain away for Rory!
Calming Colic: If you have followed our journey you’ll know its taken us a while to suss out Rory’s feeding troubles (he always seems to have griping pains after a feed) – this book helped me understand a lot of the reasons he may have these pains and to resolve them.  You can order the e-book for £5.99 here. 
Lamaze Tummy Time Activity Gym: Tummy Time has never been a huge hit in our house, but Rory has always had really impressive neck strength so I like to encourage that as best as I can! Anyway Rory actually really likes playing with this activity mat – I think because it’s raised it’s easier for him to lift his neck up and the mat has loads of fun interactive things for him to play with. You can pick it up here.
We Made Me Wuti Wrap: Ah my ultimate mummy/baby product – this thing is a constant life saver just to get anything done. Also, Rory has started resisting the carrycot and I don’t feel we are ready for the next stage up whilst it’s so windy so this allows me to move about and just get stuff done. I bought this when Rory was three weeks as he became super duper clingy and I couldn’t even put him down to wash his bottles – even now he only sleeps being held or cuddled so this is really handy. Best £49.99 I have ever spent and you can pick them up here.
Black & White Pram Toy: I bought this for £10, Amazon Primed it and was so excited for it but was quickly gutted by how long it took Rory to notice it, however, it has become the life saver I knew it would be as it distracts him before he can have the fit of being put in his carry cot – hurrah! 

What have been your mummy and baby favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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