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Moving With A New Born? These Tips Can Help!

October 30, 2020

Moving house at any time can be stressful, but with a newborn it’s even harder. There’s a lot to think about regarding safety. In an ideal world, you’d move before the baby was born. However, the world is far from ideal at the moment and the housing market has struggled with coronavirus, making moving home a bit more difficult. This of course varies by location, but for the main everything has been pushed back meaning in all likelihood, a lot of people will end up moving with a newborn. Each house is different and will require different steps being put in place to ensure the move is successful, so try to condense all advice and apply it in a bespoke way to your own situation. Here are some tips to help you get started and make a success of the move.

Keep Stuff Safe In The Meantime

With a newborn, or a baby on the way, you need to ensure everything stays safe with a move coming up. You might already have that space in your current home, but if you’re upsizing into a bigger home, you might not…with any delays caused by Covid, you might need to find somewhere to put them, such as affordable secure storage units. Alternatively, see if any friends or family have storage for you to utilise in the meantime before you move. Baby stuff costs a lot of money, you don’t want to be leaving it outside.


Find A Sitter For Move Day

Again, try to find someone close to you to do this. Moving with a newborn hanging around is never easy. At a pinche, it’s doable, but it takes one of you out of the equation because they’ll be looking after the baby. If you can give the baby to someone for the day, you’ll both be on hand to help out and move properly. It means you can blitz it in one day instead of likely having to drag it over one or two. If you can’t find a sitter, don’t let it stress you out. It’s perfectly doable…but try to approach it from the other end, maybe you can get friends or family to help you out so that one of you can look after the baby instead. There’s usually someone willing to help out on move day, no harm in asking. 

Decorate Before You Move

If you can, try to overlap moving into the new home with the end of agreement of your old one. This gives you a base to work from, while also giving you access to the new home. It’s great because it means you can decorate the home before you get there, instead of having to decorate around day to day life and around a newborn baby. Getting all of the decorating done before you actually move into the house makes everything so much easier. No more covering furniture, moving things around, and general headaches. It isn’t always possible due to rent contracts etc., but where it is, try your best to implement it.   

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