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Motherhood, Me + the Dining Room.

July 3, 2014

Here is something I struggle a lot with… balance.

I have never wanted to lose my identity to Motherhood but you know, it happens. The kids consume you and it is a battle to make sure you strike it right between being you and being Mum.

I spouted the standard spiel when pregnant with Rory, “the house won’t get taken over by baby paraphernalia, it will still be an adult space”. I bought the ‘cutesy’ white and grey play mats that were aesthetically pleasing!

We all know it didn’t last ten minutes before a green jungle themed playmat snuck in, followed by the Jumperoo, followed by a massive train table.

The lounge is 50% baby/toddler crap but the dining room has become the dumping ground that I’ve fallen out of love with.

Our dining room was a pre-baby project. We painted the walls the perfect shade of warm grey. We spent SIX HOURS installing a vintage light fitting to save money on an Electrician. Money received from our wedding was used to buy a beaut rustic dining table and Eames chairs.  It came together so well, and now I have fallen out of love with it.

The dining room has been taken over by a double buggy, a single buggy, a SmartTrike and a motorised Toddler car. My beautiful Eames chairs have crayon all over them. It’s basically a buggy park.

So now I feel like, is it time to admit defeat?

Is it time to do what I said wouldn’t happen, but essentially already has. Is it time to ditch the dining room and turn it into a playroom?

Our dining room is open plan with the kitchen so I feel like it will be a nice big open space for Rory. He spends a lot of his time running from the lounge to pull me into it when I am doing housework in the kitchen.

Technically I wouldn’t have to do any work but I’d like to. I’d like to brighten up the walls to a more playful colour. I’d need to change the light fitting because its low hanging and I’d like a little sofa. (I’d also probably need some new skirting board and MDF Architraves because the buggies have scuffed those suckers!)

The other half of me though thinks, is that too much? Are we surrendering the house too much? Does anyone have a playroom? Does it work for you?

*This is a collaborative post

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