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Money Saving Tips

December 2, 2010

Create a goal: this one for me was a total game changer! Saving aimlessly is fine but you’re much more motivated when you have a goal and you can see something at the end of it. ie you’re less inclined to save for a rainy day than you are to save for a holiday right? Decide how much you need and when by and work backwards. It’s amazing how many money making opportunities when you have a set figure in your mind!

Switch your Broadband and Phone Network: Having a shop around for different broadband and phone deals is an excellent way to save money! Shopping online can allow you to find the cheapest internet and phone providers in your area. You could save hundreds of pounds per year when you switch your broadband or TV provider. TAn example of the best deal is with The Post Office! The Post Office offer a zero set up contract for just £20 a month with unlimited downloads! Switching to a better deal is an excellent way to save money

Cut back on food shopping: Simplifying your weekly meal plan to incorporate more simple meals is a great way to save money each week. Embrace the beauty (and the saving) of a jacket potato or an omelette!

Allow a “splurge”: If you have a problem with spending and are struggling with saving money then allow yourself a really controlled splurge i.e. set £20 aside with the intention to spend it frivolously which will stop you having a £100 splurge!

Learn the art of staying in over going out: Whether it be for date nights or nights out with your friends, learn how to be a great host and have more nights in. You could host a steak night for £10 and ask your guests to bring wine which is cheaper than going out for £40. 

Avoid Convenience Food: okay, so here is my dirty laundry! I spend a LOT on convenience food. Like… a lot. So now I schedule in a Chinese takeaway per month. (Okay, I schedule in 2!) but if I were to be unrealistic and say “no takeaways” then I’d crave them all the time while if I am craving one on a Tuesday I can say “nah you can wait a couple days until Friday” and then I get to enjoy it guilt free too!

Use Cashback Sites: cashback sites are a way to make money! You’re essentially earning a commission back on any online purchases that you’d be making already!

Notice for patterns in “spending frenzies”: if you find yourself in a spending frenzy then try and delve into the “why” – what’s causing this? Are you bored? Are you feeling unsatisfied in an area of your life? Once you identify a bit more of a “why”, it gets easier to nip any spending habits in the bud!

Borrow: everyone wants to save money really, so open it up to your friends to start borrowing stuff. Toys are a really easy way to start this off as kids love a bit of variety and you swapping is great! Then try and be creative, maybe look to borrow clothes, kitchen appliances (like blenders or bread makers). We saved money recently by borrowing a needle and thread! I know they don’t cost much but we still saved a few quid by asking a friend to use theirs instead!

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