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Meal Plan #1

October 24, 2016

Food shopping and cooking isn’t usually my domain, it’s something Rich looks after, but now I am on maternity leave it’s another thing that can keep me busy and take something off his mind, however, after an epic fail in Tesco last week where I blew double our food budget on one week’s shop, I decided this week had to be smarter – I had to have a plan. 

I got stuck about halfway through my planning and turned to Oh So Amelia’s Meal Plans which were really helpful, so I asked on Twitter if documenting our meal plans was going to something of interest and the majority of the poll came back saying “yes” so here we are.

Right, you’ll spot a lot of frozen goods, cooking sauces and a pre-made meal here, I’m not claiming to be Nigella – right now we are aiming for affordability (hello – statutory maternity pay) and convenience (hello – impending newborn) – I also normally make enough so that Rich and I have some leftovers for lunch the following day!

Weekly Meal Plan #1

Tuesday: Curry (Chicken Balti)
Wednesday: Chicken Roast Dinner
Thursday: Lemon Sole, New Potatoes & Veg
Friday: Pate on Toast/Eggs on Toast
Saturday: Chinese Style Curry
Sunday: Lasagne & Chips 

My shopping list this week comes to around £52

Balti Curry Sauce: £0.87
Chinese Curry Sauce: £1.75
Chicken Breast 950g: £5.00
Frozen Onion: £1.00
Frozen Peas: £1.35
Naan Breads: £1.00
Prawn Crackers: £0.99

Already have rice in the house.

Chicken Roast Dinner:
Whole Chicken: £4.00
Bag of Potatoes: £1.00
Stuffing: £1.00

Already have frozen veg & gravy in the house. 

Lemon Sole, New Potatoes & Veg:
Lemon Sole: £2.50
New Potatoes: £0.89

Already have frozen veg in the house.

Paté on Toast: (We tend to keep Fridays pretty simple – also this is Rich’s dinner. No Paté for the pregnant woman. I will eat egg on toast or something.)
Paté: £2.00
Bread: £1.00

Fishcakes, Chips & Mushy Peas
Fishcakes: £1.50
Chips: £1.00
Tin of Mushy Peas: £0.30

Lasagne & Chips:
Lasagne: £5.00

Using same chips as above. 

Other items on my list include: 
Juice x 5: £3.45
Milk: £2.00
Eggs: £2.00
Bacon: £2.00
Mushrooms: £1.75
Frozen Mash: £1.00 (I just like to have this in the house for some reason!)
Hula Hoops x 2: £2.00
Bread: £1.00
Cans of Tomato Soup x 8: £4.00
Pineapple x 2: £2.00 (Operation induce my baby)

Anyway, I hope this post may be useful and would love some inspiration on your meal plans and ideas. I always find meal planning so difficult to strike the balance of being tasty, convenient and affordable. I’m learning and hopefully, they’ll get a little more adventurous as time goes on.

The comments +

  1. Hello Deborah

    October 25th, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Sounds yummy, especially the lemon sole, I'd never think to try it. I haven't planned since Eleanor arrived – we're eating a lot of ready meals at the moment.

    If you want to save, I'd buy a large/extra large chicken and then use the leftovers for the curry. I usually get about 3-4 meals out of a chicken.

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