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Making Your Small Bathroom Larger Than Life

December 1, 2014

Bathrooms are a central point in our houses. A lot of the time they’re the smallest room in the house, and serve no further purpose than being the place to brush your teeth and do your business. However, a lot of people like to inject a little more glamour into their bathroom space, and that often means opening up the space to fit more of these luxurious items in.

Yet, that isn’t always possible, and if you’re a first time owner or simply renting a property, you’re not going to have the money to undergo a renovation. So we need to think on a smaller scale that’s still going to get us the impact we want; this blog is here to help with that! If you’re looking for a renovation that’s going to maximise on the little space you own in your bathhouse, then look no further. Here are some helpful DIY tricks to make your bathroom look bigger and better.

Change the Colour

Colour affects our perception of everything, there’s no pretending that it doesn’t have an effect. In business situations, making a deal against a green backdrop can make a sale more likely, and in debate circles, a red backdrop can fire everyone up for a little longer. That means, if we want a calm and relaxing environment around us, we’re probably going to need to splash some paint around.

The best colours to use in a bathroom redecoration are whites, blues, and sandy or pebble tones. These are all bright yet neutral colours, and can make a bathroom look a lot bigger with just a lick of paint due to the reflective light element. White is of course the best colour to opt for, as it fits in with most of the fixtures as well as the tiles, and creates an effect that sweeps throughout the room, keeping it looking big all the way around.

However, this option isn’t for everyone, and can get a little boring. Using a sandy colour, usually a light brown, can open up a space whilst making it feel a little warmer. This is often the effect professional spas plump for, so you’re guaranteed for it to work, and you can feel a little more luxurious at the same time.

Use Floating Cabinets

If you want to be able to search high and low for some extra space, using floating cabinets is the best idea. Fitting the sink into a cabinet that’s a few inches off of the ground gives you more foot space, a cat the place to hide if you have one, and you can store the baskets of your favourite lotions and bodyrubs, meaning you don’t have to constantly route around in a messy cupboard!

You can also fit more fluffy rugs in there as a result, giving your aching feet a bit of the break at the end of the day by sparing them the hard surface of tile or wood flooring.

Get Smaller Plumbing Fixtures

As mentioned above, at its core, a bathroom is meant to be the place in which you wash and clean yourself and your family, and serves no other purpose than this. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be able to pamper ourselves in comfort and style, and most importantly, be able to move and breathe whilst we’re doing it! That means we need to minimise on the amount of space these focal water fixtures specifically can take up.

One quick fix is to look for heaters and pipes that are on the smaller side, but still serve your  needs, and are still up to code at the same time. We know that a lot of the time a shower fixture can be bulky and take up an entire wall’s focus. To avoid this, try investing in a new fixture that’s a lot smaller but still gets the job done. Similarly, you can change the fixtures in your bath as well, as there are plenty of bath tap choices out there, even ones that allow you to recline in any direction!

On the Other Hand, Get a Big Mirror!

Mirrors are the best way to open up a space, as they seem to have their own dimension inside of them. If you place a large mirror on one section of the wall, you’re going to completely open up the other side at the same time, whilst not having to spend to make the bathroom any bigger in actuality. Cram in more than one person who needs to get ready for work at once!

If You Want to Remodel, Try Doing it Yourself

The idea of DIY is to make renovations cheaper, and to get some good skill practice and a good return on your time investment. That same applies for big house remodels like this.

Often, a DIY bathroom remodel, at its most basic level, is going to cost around £2500 to carry out, and can rack up the costs with every extra feature you want to fit in. You’re not going to be able to move around the plumbing, and let’s face it you’re not really going to want to at beginner and intermediate levels, but everything talked about above in this list is absolutely doable on your own time and money budget.

You could probably even stretch to fit in some new tiling around the bath or shower area, whilst keeping the rest of the room painted with a few cans of £10 emulsion and gloss. You can use metallic sprays to inject a little bit more colour into your neutral or white toned room, and plenty of other off-the-shelf practices can be fitted in. Of course, if you need some advice or a helping hand, you can always consult a professional and hire out a contractor.

There’s quite a few ways your bathroom can be made to look bigger without spending any more money than necessary. Look into a few of these, and go wild with your creations!

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