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Make Maternity Style Work on a Budget

September 12, 2016

What is up with maternity clothes? Like seriously, they are so bad. When you are changing shape and appearance having the ability to keep your personal style and feel good is really important and I have found that unless you are willing to spend a fortune, maternity clothes are not going to offer you that!

They are either really frumpy or more expensive than I would spend on normal clothes, when I was just starting to outgrow my clothes (around 20 weeks) I started just swapping the same five outfits and obviously got very bored and felt crap so decided that I wanted to maintain my personal style without breaking the bank and here is what I did:
Create a uniform/mood board: Early on I decided that my maternity style would evolve around basics dressed up with either a scarf, open shirt, kimono or jacket. This made choosing items so much simpler. I went through my wardrobe and picked out bits that I already owned that would work with that. Yeah fine wearing a silk scarf with a black vest top and jeans is a little 2007 Nicole Richie – but it worked then and it works now. Here is my pregnancy style mood board too if you would like some inspiration.
Invest in basics: You can buy maternity basics however I went to Primark and bought 6 vest tops as my maternity peak is over the summer, but you could but long sleeve t-shirts etc, whatever fits the time of year. They were £2.50 each, stretch out really nicely and they still haven’t lost their shape. I did buy size ups but found these were actually too big (hurrah!) so swapped them down to my normal size, but try both to see what works for you!
eBay is your new best friend: By the time you actually need maternity clothes, it’s going to be a short period of time that you get wear out of them, so go second hand! I bought my maternity jeans on eBay for £8 and they are a god send! I get so much wear out of them and they were in fantastic condition. To buy them new it would have been about £30. Even if the jeans are a little faded it could be cheaper to buy them and dye them than buy from new.

Improvise: Ever heard of the hair band/button trick for your jeans? This managed to buy me about 23 weeks of wearing my old Topshop jeans which have sadly now been binned (they were pretty well loved anyway) Basically wrap a hair band through your button hole twice and then hook it onto the button… or you can look at this handy blog post if that doesn’t make sense!

Dig out your accessories: Now is the time for accessories, if you have a few staple items that fit you nicely, then change it up with necklaces and scarves. No one will be any the wiser you wore the same thing yesterday… honest! (even if they do notice, you are pregnant, they’ll say nothing)
Speak to your friends: If you’ve had any friends or family who have recently had babies, see if they had any bits that they no longer want that you could have/buy off them. That’s kind of the joy of maternity clothing, once you don’t have a use for it anymore, you are happy to see the back of it!
What are your thoughts on maternity clothes/style?
How have you made maternity fashion work for you?

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