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Lockdown Date Ideas and Advice

August 25, 2020

Whether you’re fed up of virtual dates and video dates or find chatting to someone over a screen just really exhausting and weird, you might be thinking about going on some social distance dates now that lockdown restrictions allow us to meet others outside (as long as we stay two meters away, of course). Whereas before the pandemic you might have met a potential romantic or sexual partner in a pub, or at a museum or gallery, dates in lockdown are totally different and these staples are just not an option. This means if we want to go on quarantine dates we need to get a bit creative.

It also means that many of us are feeling more awkward than ever about dating. How do you build intimacy and test if there’s a “connection” when you have to stay so far apart? Is physical attraction and “chemistry” possible on a socially distanced date? There is no one right way to forge a connection with someone. Sometimes it’s a slow burn, other times it’s intense. Attraction is something we can’t fully explain. Yes, it plays a big part in dating and getting to know someone, but it’s also something that might change and be replaced by other feelings.”

While what we perceive as “chemistry” or attraction may be responsible for sex at the start of a relationship, “closeness may become more of a motivating factor once we know someone better.” So there is the potential for a date to go either way in these circumstances, depending on the people involved. For some, the distance may add to the thrill and excitement of wanting to do something more because they can’t, and for others, it may mean that the connection fades faster as they don’t have the physical connection.

Lockdown date ideas

It’s all about being creative and having fun while adhering to the current restrictions.

  1. Park dates. In parks there are lots of places you can meet in person while staying two metres apart. Parks are the new pubs and a perfect spot to spark up a new romance. Bring a blanket and even a pillow for extra comfort. Nibbles and drinks are essential, too. Deckchairs are another good idea because it can get sore sitting on grass for a long time.
  2. Beach dates. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach that has reopened to visitors, like Brighton and Bournemouth, beaches are the perfect date spot as long as you stay two metres apart. Bring your swimsuit because a dip in the chilly water is a great way to bond.
  3. Wild swimming. There are lots of places where you can go wild swimming in lakes and rivers and enjoy a walk in the country at the same time. You can find swimming locations on Google but also matches on
  4. A game of tennis. In ordinary times we would only be a few weeks away from Wimbledon. Tennis is one of the best sports for social distancing fun. All public courts have reopened and most are next to parks. It means you can combine a couple of sets with a park date.
  5. A bike ride. Cycling is another sport that lends itself to social distancing. You could arrange to cycle around a local park or the mega adventurous could try something a bit more tiring. Box Hill in Surrey, for instance, is a big one for cyclists but definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you haven’t got a bike most cities have bike sharing schemes these days, so it should not be too much trouble to find a set of wheels.”
  6. Rollerblading. A fun way to make a park date a little more exciting. Bring elbow and knee pads if you are new to it because falls happen often and you can end up with a few cuts and bruises…
  7. A city walk. Most city centres are far quieter than they ever were and it’s a great time to see tourism hotspots without the crowds. Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and has plenty to see. You could find a match on the Edinburgh dating site.

Social distance date advice

Chances are you’re going to be feeling a bit weird about going on a socially distanced date during lockdown – and that’s totally normal. It’s OK to acknowledge that this new way of dating might feel awkward. We can’t ignore the fact that a lot has changed in the past few months and coronavirus has been a huge upheaval to all our lives.

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