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AD | Living Room Updates: Crown Breatheasy Range

May 10, 2019

*This blog post has kindly been sponsored by Crown, who also gifted us all the paint used – however all opinions (and decorating fees!) are our own.

The living room is our most used room by a country mile so therefore has the most wear and tear. The walls and paintwork have taken the biggest hit! From Rory one day deciding he was crayon graffiti artist to baked bean splatters to generally greasy hands. It was time for them to be freshened up.

As the living room holds all the kid’s toys and, of course, the TV – we needed to be strategic about making sure it wasn’t out of action for too long. Once the room was painted we wanted to be back to business as usual so didn’t have time to let the room “air out”

With an asthmatic toddler and both kids having allergies though, that isn’t always that simple. Both babies are still super small (Rory is two and Elin is one) so are really sensitive to allergens so even if we could keep them out of the room. Generally being exposed to paint may not be great for them.
– until Crown created the Breatheasy range.

Crowns range of matt and silk emulsion is now certified asthma & allergy friendly®. Low VOC (jargon buster: less nasty toxins) and 99% solvent free, this scientifically proven formula helps limit exposure to airborne triggers of asthma and allergies.

Straight away the smell of the paint was significantly less potent and not overbearing! Usually, once we have finished painting, the “new paint smell” will give me a headache for a few days afterwards which hasn’t happened with the Breatheasy range at all. (Side note: the range isn’t scentless so if you like a new paint smell to celebrate your new decor, this does still offer it)

The colour is better than I could have imagined. On the tin, it looks slightly darker than in real life (don’t they all?) but its worked out perfectly. We opted for the colour ‘sail white’ and it has completely transformed the room. It feels cleaner and brighter but also, the room feels taller.

Its really uplifted our decor and makes the room feel like it has a new lease of life.

I was so inspired by the living rooms transformation that I decided to take sail white into our dining room too where it was really put up to the task, having to cover a dark grey but it looks absolutely amazing.

Dining Room (Mid Decoration)

Redecorating has given me a new zest and love for the house that has been missing. I feel excited and motivated to give our home some much needed TLC that it’s been craving.

Dining Room After

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